Sunday, July 7, 2013

Letter #53- Countryside!!!

Hello Family and Friends!!!!

WOW!!!! I love my new area! Lorena is one of the furthest areas in our mission... aka COUNTRY!!!!!! I was in the heart of the city... and now, back to the trees, horses, trains, bugs and hick accent! haha its fantastic! discovered that I am really a country girl... I love visiting the city, but I love the fresh air and the calmness that the countryside brings... oh Spanish Fork! How this city reminds me of you.... its fantastic, I am home again! Only everyone speaks Portueguese. Its like what Greg said in his letter... we both are in the ´other country version´ of SF... woot woot!

So, I am training! Sis Carvalho is from Mesa, AZ and is doll! no really... she is so cute and gentle like a doll... and she speaks really really well! Her dad is brazilian and her mom is from Chile! so she grew up speaking Portuguese in her house... thats neat! She is on fire! ready to learn, ready to help the ward here grow...

We are already seeing so many miralces! we are going to the Cartório... (the law office? I forgot what it is...) to get there papers ready to get married!!!! yay!!!! 2 families... and another 2 are in the process... I LOVE ETERNAL FAMILIES!!!! It is so great to teach about eternal families and that we have the power to seal them togother.... para sempre!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!! its incredible.

I am so grateful for this new area, new compaion, new chance to serve with everything I have... to be honest... it feels like we have a year to prep... to practice the language, practice teaching and using the scriptures... and NOW is the time to give it ALL!!!! Im really excited to train Sis Carvalho... she is such a sweet heart! The ward here is taking REALLY good care of us... I love being a missionary, I love seeing the hand of the Lord in the work... it is so wonderful.... These next 5 months will fly... but I want to make them worth it! Lets go!!! :D

Love you all so much! we are safe in our house next to the church! woot woot! and the members are always calling us to help us with directions! \we have to WHOLE city to conquer.... Alma and Amuleque... off to the wilderness to cry repentance! YES!

I love you all! have a great week!

Sister Waite

Helaman 10...  My new all time favorite chapter.... Sealings!!! Temples!!!! amazingness! Check it out!

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