Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter #52- Rainy Days

Hello Everyone! It has rained all day today! wohoo!!!! Love the rain! But hate having the cold in the rain... too much liquid for me.
We had a Mission Conference this week and it was absolutely fantastic! Elder Antunes from the Quorem of the 70 came and gave an amazing training! I am so grateful for the things that I learned. He talked a lot about studying the scriptures... and how they give us POWER and AUTHORITY when we teach... I loved the way he treated us... as future parents. Not just as missionaries... but our future potential. Wow, I loved it! Woo hoo! Spiritual High! He gave a training about picking a scripture a part and getting the principle or doctrine out to help explain the commandments and laws of God... wow! POW! He took a scripture that I could only see the surface of it... and as he explained it was like a lightning bolt that struck, not just a light bulb, POW! Wow... that is so DEEP!!!! and it shows the love that God has for us. I have grown to absolutely LOVE the Scriptures! And now with the fire and power from them, we can help others understand and comprehend the power of the love of the Savior...

 I love this work, I love the scriptures, I love the difficult times to kneel and ask for help, I love the tears of frustration and tears of joy, I love the laughs of new eternal friendships, I love busy schedule, I love the power of the Atonement in my life and in the life of my family.
Have a fantastic week! Read Helaman 3:29-30... shows the blessings that come from the Word of God... aka Scriptures... and the ULTIMATE blessing (in 30).... YES!
Com Carinho,
Sister Waite

Thanks for the love and support family! you are the greatest!

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