Saturday, February 23, 2013

Letter #35- O Amor

Hello!!!!! Boa tarde para TUDO MUNDO!!!!

How is everyone doing?! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and ready for another one even better!
Valentines day was great, we ´heart-attacked´ some recent converts and investigators... it was great! passed out hearts with scriptures on them... what a great day of sun, walking, teaching, and full of hearts. I hope you all had a great Valentines day and that you were able to show all those you love just how much you care! :D
Man... Brazil.... is... HOT!!!! loving the weather. Rains everyday in the afternoon and makes it an adventure everyday. Sister Bruno and I love to sing as we return to the house and inbetween visits... haha its so fun to sing with her. I am really grateful for Sister Bruno, she is such a great example of dedication to me... oh man... crazy to think that her training is coming to an end... yup that means transfers are up in the air too... already. where does time go? it happens so fast!
Divisions went great two weeks ago! Learned so much with Sister Brito... first division every! we had a blast and found A BUNCH of people to teach and invite... man, what a whirlwind of two days. She came and spent time here in Morumbi with me and what an experience!
Twas fantastic! and Interview with President Ferrin this past week was great as well! I love talking with him, He is a VERY spiritual man, VERY inspired, and really wants the best for the mission and the missionaries. Its
great to hear his experiences from the mission... I am learning a lot.

I am LOVING the letters from everyone! thank you so much for you support! I am so grateful to hear how you are and whats happening in the states! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and loving life! (especially the Hirsts... who went to Disneyland! thats so AWESOME!!!!
:D Hope it was a great time! Thanks for the letters Sis Hirst!)

I sure love all of you! and just know that everything that happens in our lives has a purpose... our days arent just filled at random... we really are placed in the right moment to share the right thing in the way that only we can share it was a person... so love and serve EVERY
opportunity you can... We were reading in Mark this morning and got into a big discussion about the apostles, and how many denied Christ, and all the while Christ called them friends, they slept while he suffered in the garden and he came to see them for support throughout
the night and they slept... but the example that Christ is for us so REAL... is SO perfect... just keep loving and accepting our friends who arent perfect, pray for those who use you, and love your enemies... love is the greatest power we have, and the only way we can
enter into the Kingdom... Charity never FAILETH! Moroni 7:47

I love you all!
Com Carinho,
Sister Waite


valentines day! heart attack!!!
division with sis brito... we celebrated with pizza... the best pizza
in the world!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter #34- Aventuras!

Boa Tarde!

Wow!!! Aventuras!!!!! This next week is going to be an adventure! DIVISIONS!!!! There is another sister companionship in our area, and we are training them... so Sis Bruno will go with Sis Santana and Sis Brita will come with me in Morumbi... opa! This is new... What an adventure!

What a week! Teaching the gospel with people who really really REALLY is wanting to learn is such an amazing feeling! This family... feels like we have known each other FOREVER! Its such an amazing thing to see the excitement of actually KNOWING and LEARNING about the gospel that it brings to them. Its amazing to see the progress! I love love love being a missionary! Bruna´s baptism was so spiritual and ALL the youth in the ward came and then some! I love this family! I LOVE teaching families and helping them accept and progress! Its a great feeling!

Something I am learning is the principle in Mosiah 4:27... a scripture I am trying to apply more... We all have our limits! We have our faults and our strengths... but we need to work WITHIN our limits and not overdue ourselves... we dont need to run faster then our strength allows... (wich we ran from apointment to apointment this week... it was great! Rained SO MUCH! Run to get out of the rain! :D) And that in the end... Heavenly Father is happy with the work we put in if it was our best! :D I love being a missionary! I am sure learning a lot!
Have a great week!
Com Carinho,
Sister Waite