Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter #40- Excellence!

Boa Tarde Família!!!! :D

Wow... this week... went by like lightning! It was so amazing! Last
P-day... the Aquarium, and I gave a thought in our zone conference...
it was all based on the talk mom sent me last week... agency. Really
is the greatest gift that Heavenly Father has given us... but we have
to remember that everyone else has the ability to choose as well. So
when it comes to decisions that invovle more than one person... aka
Misionary work, Marriage, family things... we have to rembemer the
timing that the Lord has planned for us, as well as the freedom of the
other person to choose. It really opened my eyes Mom, thanks for being
so inspired!

We had a mission conference this week! it was so great to see the
Elders and Sisters that I have already served with... man how time is
flying by! Elder Cruz of the seventy came and shared a LOT of amazing
things... mostly just filled the tank of enthusiasm for the next 9
months! Wow, he is really called of God, all of the leadership in the
Church are seriously... I am so grateful to hear the words and
thoughts he shared. The mission has its strengths and its
weaknesses... and boy, we are all pumped to switch those weaknesses to
strengths! We want to find more families and more future leaders in
the wards and stakes! He passed my favorite video... the same video
that President Ferrin shared with us the last training... man...
amazing! ´We stand shoulder to shoulder with the most amazing
missionary that walked the face of the Earth! So dont ever think that
this work is easy... because it was never easy for Him...` Love
Mission Conferences! :D

We had a baptism meeting this past weekend, the first for my companion
and it was so wonderful! We had a great turnout and support from the
ward and man... I am so happy for this family! I love love LOVE the
Santos Family... Simone is one of the best women I have ever met...
she is a rock! and her family is so amazing... I love serving the Lord
and helping those who have faith and are willing to repent, find the
strait and narrow path! There is nothing better than seeing the smiles
of the family when one of the family members makes this important step
in their lives! The best thing Saturday was hearing Junior comment
(after he was baptized) ´Wow... I feel really good... really good...
this feeling comes from God?` YES YES YES!!! I know that this is the
work of the Lord and that when we do our part, he is BOUND to do
his... Never forget to read the scriptures! They bring power and the
fuel for our Spirits!

I love you all so much! The big city of Sao Paulo is full of buses and
Metros.... but really, we just walk everywhere, and 3 buses for our
Zone meetings. Sis Abreu, from Portugual is amazing, learning the
Portuguese from Portugual... its been an adventure! I am so grateful
to have a great companion, and a great mission president who is so
inspired! :D

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! :D

Com MUITO amor,

Sister Waite

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter # 39-All Creatures of Our God and King

Tudo Bem Todo Mundo?!?!

Wow! Brasil is fantastic! This morning, we had a zone P-day! We went
to the Aquarium! Wow! It was so neat! I took lots of pictures, but
this interenet house doesnt have an outlet to upload pics... oh man.
So next week, I will fish up the email all the way! But it was so much
fun! There are 6 compnionships in our zone, and we had a blast! I saw
Dorey, and Nemo... Bruce was there also (a smaller version anyway) and
there was a SEAL!!!! Oh man... she was so beautiful! She talked to us,
it was so much fun!

São Paulo... WOW I LOVE IT! This past week was so great! We are
teaching a family that basically are already members... just to see
how the Lord really prepares the people and puts them in our path! Two
weeks ago, I talked with the kid that ran the internet house and made
a contact with him... He was really nice and was excited about the
Book of Mormon that we would bring to his house... well... a week ago
Saturday we stopped by his house, he wasnt there but his Mom and
brothers were... and WOW! This is a family that is SO prepared to
accept the Gospel! She is a SUPERMOM!!!! Wow... just through her
example, I have learned so much! Her two sons are preparing for
baptism and her and her husband, we marked their wedding and baptism
too... but really, I sit back and reflect on all the experiences I
have had here... and I am AMAZED... it just builds my faith even more
to talk to EVERY one I can in the situations I can to help share the
gospel... because it may not but the first contact... but the third or
hundreth time this person will hear about the church to become

The Lord hears and answers our prayers... I love being His
representative and wouldnt give ANY thing to give up this
experience... to all the youth... PLEASE!!!! Consider and GO! Of
course the Lord wants you to serve! Of course He wants EVERYONE to
hear about the plan and help build you up so you can see your eternal

I love you all! I hope everything is well with you! Have a great week!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter #38- MOOCA!!!

Boa Tarde Família!!!!

I love love LOVE being a missionary and seeing the had of the Lord in His work. We had a training this week that WOW... was an experience that I will never forget, two actually... but the one with President Ferrin... I LOVE seeing the inspiration flow through our leaders- the prophet, our bishops, and my mission President. I just want to share a few of the thoughts that feelings I felt during this training... I hope that it will help all of you too.

Our training was centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ... and how important the Atonement is in the work, in our lives, and how it is the most IMPORTANT experience that the Savior went through through out
all eternities... I am so grateful for the sacrifice he made for me, my family, and ALL of the people that were on the earth, are on the earth, and that will come. The Atonement is infinite... It is significantly incredible.  The part i wanted to share with you in the
training was a video we watched with voices from a few of the apostles, the video went through the atonement process, showed pictures and some clips from church films from the Garden, to the Cross, and to the Ressurection.. but the thing that hit me most was hearing Elder Hollands voice, with A LOT of vigor saying `SALVATION NEVER WAS EASY`. He talk was to mission presidents in response to when missionaries write and ask their presidents ´why dont people flock to the gospel? its the true church... so why dont they believe? why isnt it easy to start begin the process of the gospel for our investigators?` and other questions like this... but really... Salvation never ways easy... and never will be... the Savior paid the
price, we walked the steps for us so that we could be happy... he sacrificed is LIFE for us... he did EVERYTHING he could possibly do because of the love he had for Heavenly Father and for each one of
us... What I learned from this training is how REAL the atonement is in each one of our lives... life isnt easy... it never was, it never will be... but we are here to be happy... and how to do get this happiness? through the atonement... the salvation of our lives right NOW, and in the eternities is because of our Savior... Salvation never was easy... for him, neither for us... but we can and WILL recieve it.

WOW I love the mission!!!! I love defending and explaining the Book of Mormon! I absolutely LOVE serving... please dont ever hestitate to serve! Especially the soon to be and qualified missionaries! dig deep into the scriptures and prepare to serve with heart mind and strength! It is the best feeling in the WORLD!!!!! I love you all and hpe you have a fantastic week!

KNow that you are loved!

Com Amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. Please read Jacob 3:1-2.... what is a strong mind to you? It got
me thinking this morning

Letter #37- WOW!

I am doing great! new area, I am in the big city now! Sao Paulo! The transfer went great! the neighborhood Mooca! its like the bronks in NYC... kinda... its fantastic! I am with my new companion, Sister Abreu, she is from Portugual and it is fantastic! At times its a bit tough with the accent, but it is so fun to teach with her... I have heard a lot about this area... its one of the oldest wards in Sao Paulo, and a lot of people have already heard about the church.. but that isnt going to get me down! I am ready for this change, its great to see the city lights at night, and be in the business during the day. Wow! what an adventure! One thing that is keeping me sane really is the Book of Mormon. I agree with Greg, when we all READ the Book of Mormon together, there is power! I am seeing it in the mission. All the missionaries are reading it together and there is a uniy when we come to zone meetings, in the companionships, in the family unit of
the mission. So I know there are many changes that are happening in our family, but I LOVE YOU ALL, and I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is a rock for all the changes in our lives. I love the Book of Mormon!
Never let a day go by without reading!

Wow, only 9 more months... half way... WHAT?!??!

I love you!

Sister Waite

Will send pics next week!

Letter #36-Another Wonderful Week

Hello Family and Friends!

Brazil is heaten up! Literally and in our area! We are seriously
teaching a lot of people right now... a few families, a few singles,
and all of them and progressing and WANTING to know more! Its the best
thing to get a call from an investigator anxious for us to come and
discuss what they read, or what they learned... the gospel seriously
has a way to get everyone excited! Why excitement? Because all of
these things are real, and true! Thats why its fun to learn, because
we really to have a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants the best
for us, and The Savior REALLY lives and made it possible for us to be
here with our families, and one day returen to live with them and
Heavenly Father in the eternities! Oh its so fun! I love being a

There is one thing that I dont like about the mission... saying
goodbye... :( I got a call from President Ferrin this last week, he
said I will be transfered... where to, I dont know yet, tonight we
will find out. Oh man... to say goodbye to Morumbi... it doesnt feel
real right now... MAYBE President changed his mind? I hope so... I
would be just fine to stay another transfer or two here... But I know
its not really goodbye... more like, See you later! Its just another
milestone of time... wow Sister Waite... time is passing fast.. too
fast! To say goodbye to Sis Bruno... :( to say goodbye to Bishop
:(.... to say goodby to the families we are teaching NOW, and the ones
that I taught before... wow... tough. But! we will all see each other

The sun is HOT, the nights are cool, and everyday we have a rain that
is SO refreshing! I love being a missionary and seeing the miracles in
the every day lives of the people. The words in the Book of Mormon
really are for us... and the changing power the gospel brings...

Thank you for ALL of the Support! I am so grateful for the letters and
words of encouragement! Please know I am thankful!

I love you!

Sister Waite

-Family we are teaching! :D I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!! We are family... :D