Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #66-:D

Love miracles of the week!

Another miracle! There was a less active in the ward and she has two cute little girls and her boyfriend live together... but when we went to meet her, he came to the door... but then RAN to his mothe-in-law´s house to get her... then stayed during the conversation! Which is great... its the reason we came! to teach him! But he is amazing! He wants to change, and change for the girls in his life and change himself to be better... he already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon... he couldnt sleep one of these past nights and took the Book of Mormon and read the part we had left for him... and it was EXACTLY what he needed to hear in the EXACT moment to really know and FEEL the reality of the Book of Mormon. Wow... I love being a missionary!

I love being just an instrument in the hands of the Lord... just being there at the right time, inspired to say and read the right things in the right moment... for one of His children see the light and come unto him. I love it!

We are doing great! Lorena is great, Sis Tillman is coming along just great.... and we are happy!

Remember that this weekend is conference! best time in the world to recieve personal revelation! I love that Heavenly Father called a living  Prophet! I love you all so much! hvae a wonderful Week!!!!


Sister  Waite :D

Friday, September 27, 2013

Letter #65- Fast

Hey Family!

Sorry... this week... is a fast week too.


Stayed in Lorena! Have a new companion to train! Sister Tillman is from Texas! she was a visa waiter! she speaks really well and is exctied to work! yes! this is the best thing for the last few transfers of the mission... teach her EVERYTHING that I know and work até o pó!!!! yes! 

Love you all! its officially spring here! aka---HOT!!!! and RAINY!!!! Love it! the bugs are coming out...

Love you all!

Sister Waite

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #64- Changes

Wow... what a week of MIRACLES!!!! This probably has been of the best weeks in the mission! Living it up with Sis. Carvalho... man I am going to miss her... pretty sure I will be transfered tomorrow! no! I love Lorena! I love working with her and the members here... its so fantastic! I am so grateful to be a missionary!


-Temple! Wow... the change of attitude, being, and perspective always changes after the temple. I LOVE going to the temple and feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of His Children... So AMAZING!

-Hair. Went on the lighter side of life! woo-hoo! boy its a change, but its fun! I am liking it... but really, inside I am a brunette!

-Weather- It is definitely heating up!!!! wow! and the trees are becoming colorful and bright! There is sunshine in my soul today!

-When the Holy Ghost touches someones heart, brings DRAMATIC changes... even in just one afternoon to that night.... The changes that the Lord helps us see is the best thing in the world. He sent the Spirit to touch the heart of our really good friend... and last night was her baptism. I LOVE being a missionary! and seeing the BEST things in life really happen... in ACTION!

Change is a part of our lives... it happens everyday... and I am so grateful for it! I love this gospel, its all about change... I love the power of repentance... its all about change. I love that each day we have the ability to change for the better.

I love you all so much! have a fantastic week! Enjoy the changes that come into your lives!

Sister Waite

Letter #63- Templo

WooHoo!!!! we are going to the temple tomarrow!!!! cant wait!!!!

Really quick... this week was actually... quite one of the downer ones... but it ended with LOTS of miracles yestersday at church! One of our investigators apeared for the first time... but we lost contact with him for almost 2 weeks and he showed up! Because he gave us his word... WOW! what miracles happen with hard work... even when it doesnt go the way you want it... the Lord really comes in to show WHO he has prepared.

I love being a missionary... its a rollercoaster... but it is one of the best things that ANYONE could do. Remember to pray for missionary opportunities, and ALL the time say hi to the missionaries when you see them! its the best to get a nice smile and a wave!

I cant wait for the temple tomorrow... its been a while... I know its the Lord´s house and that we can really feel the love that the Savior has for us when we are worthy to enter and GO to the temple. I am ready to recharge my batteries for the next few months!

have a great week! I hope everyone is doing well! Love you!


Sister Waite

Letter #62- Interesting


What an interesting week... great week.... but interesting. Full of surprises... like eating the cartiledge of a cows foot... intersting.... going to visit anoher religic denomination.... intersting.... finding a cockroach in our house AH!!!! intersting.... Seeing the miracles the Lord puts in our paths.... VERY interesting.

The best part of the week was to participate in the baptism of a VERY sweet lady. She is the mom of a member and she asked her son-in-law to baptize her... this family is very fun... always joking around. It was such a great experiece to see this family sing `families can be together forever` at the end of the meeting... wow. WHAT a great spirit! I am so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to really KNOW who I am... God´s Plan... and follow Him in Faith... (sounds like a song I know)... but really I am.

I know that the time is inching that much closer with the second coming... with the work progressing a lot more quicker, the enemy is working that much harder too... so please pray for the missionaries! and pray for the people they are teaching! The battle is on... and it is interesting how the good ALWAYS comes out on top!

You are the Best! Have a great week everyone!


Sister Waite

Letter #61- Weird Week Was Wonderful

Haha Hello Family! Hi friends!

So this week was weird, wonderful, and wacky! haha

-P-day, with the zone! played volleyball... and played a few games.. hamburgers! haha fun!
-Tuesday... got sick. :P no fun... but with sleep and liquids, all is better!
-Wednesday- MISSION CONFERENCE! the best!
-Thursday- I learned about trying TOO hard... or TOO much...
-Friday- DIVISION! that took a good chunk of the day
-Saturday- normal day... aka hot, tiring, miracles happend :D and teaching some people with SERIOUS problems.. but nothing that the Gospel can cure
-Sunday- CHURCH! :D with investigators who are progressing!

welp... mission conference was fanastic! SO good to see friends, and really feel the happiness that comes when you see your battle combrads! haha i is a battle, but the good will always prevail! :D
President talked about virtue... and Joseph in Egypt... really neat. How really being virtuous is the key... because when you are virtuous, you can be a vessel for the Lord, becase the Spirit will be with you ALWAYS... and this morning I learned that that is how Christ was alble to heal too... people wanted to touch his robes to be healed... and when the woman touched his clothes, he felt virtue leave him... VIRTUE is how we can be healed and helpothers too... it was really great!

Love the Gospel! LOVE the Book of Mormon!
Have a great week! stay strong! :D


Sister Waite