Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #63- Templo

WooHoo!!!! we are going to the temple tomarrow!!!! cant wait!!!!

Really quick... this week was actually... quite one of the downer ones... but it ended with LOTS of miracles yestersday at church! One of our investigators apeared for the first time... but we lost contact with him for almost 2 weeks and he showed up! Because he gave us his word... WOW! what miracles happen with hard work... even when it doesnt go the way you want it... the Lord really comes in to show WHO he has prepared.

I love being a missionary... its a rollercoaster... but it is one of the best things that ANYONE could do. Remember to pray for missionary opportunities, and ALL the time say hi to the missionaries when you see them! its the best to get a nice smile and a wave!

I cant wait for the temple tomorrow... its been a while... I know its the Lord´s house and that we can really feel the love that the Savior has for us when we are worthy to enter and GO to the temple. I am ready to recharge my batteries for the next few months!

have a great week! I hope everyone is doing well! Love you!


Sister Waite

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