Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #64- Changes

Wow... what a week of MIRACLES!!!! This probably has been of the best weeks in the mission! Living it up with Sis. Carvalho... man I am going to miss her... pretty sure I will be transfered tomorrow! no! I love Lorena! I love working with her and the members here... its so fantastic! I am so grateful to be a missionary!


-Temple! Wow... the change of attitude, being, and perspective always changes after the temple. I LOVE going to the temple and feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of His Children... So AMAZING!

-Hair. Went on the lighter side of life! woo-hoo! boy its a change, but its fun! I am liking it... but really, inside I am a brunette!

-Weather- It is definitely heating up!!!! wow! and the trees are becoming colorful and bright! There is sunshine in my soul today!

-When the Holy Ghost touches someones heart, brings DRAMATIC changes... even in just one afternoon to that night.... The changes that the Lord helps us see is the best thing in the world. He sent the Spirit to touch the heart of our really good friend... and last night was her baptism. I LOVE being a missionary! and seeing the BEST things in life really happen... in ACTION!

Change is a part of our lives... it happens everyday... and I am so grateful for it! I love this gospel, its all about change... I love the power of repentance... its all about change. I love that each day we have the ability to change for the better.

I love you all so much! have a fantastic week! Enjoy the changes that come into your lives!

Sister Waite

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