Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter #24- Miracles Happen

Boa Tarde Tudo Mundo!!!!! Opa!

I love you so much! What a week! Its great to be a missionary... learn so much about yourself when you focus on others. Its a great and mysterious work how you can see the difference in YOUR life... LOVE being a missionary!

Its amazing to see the hand of the Lord in HIS work. The baptism yesterday was so special. The ward was there supporting him and it was a great meeting. I lead the music and couldnt help but think as I looked around the room... ´wow...  I am so grateful for everysingle member here... and the newest member of the church too... how grateful I am to see their examples and see them sacrifice for the things that matter most.` I dont want to leave Morumbi! Transfers are on my birthday, DONT WANT TO LEAVE! I love love LOVE being here... I know that missionary work is a WHOLE church affair. Not just with those who wear nametags. without support of members, without the templework that goes on, the purpose of the gospel wouldnt function without everyone´s example.  I love being a missionary! Families are forever!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! I did too! It was fun to explain the traditions of the american culture to Sis Reis and what Black Friday is... its so fun to be in a different culture! We get to share so many wonderful experiences! LOVE Brazil. Hope everyone is doing well! Know that I love you and am grateful for your support!

Com Carinho,

Sister Waite

p.s. MAIL!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!

-OH MY GOODNESS.... Ashlee Head and Brandon Poulter... I LOVE YOU TWO! Parabens! Congratulations on your wedding!!!!!! ahhhhhh! wish I could have been there, just know that I was jumping up and down and squeeling when I got your announcement. Thank you SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU!
-Joy! Oh man... sorry about your first car experience... isnt it great to have big brothers to help stand up for you! I love you cutie!
-Glad you enjoyed Alaska Sam! thank you for the support!
-Grandma! thank you for the letter! and WOW! Congratulations Uncle Alan with the new office in SLC! thats so neat! So proud of you! LOVE you!
-Austin! LOVED the letter! thanks for all the mission experiences!
-Elder Charles! Great to get a christmas letter!
-NO WAY!!!!! Congratulations BayLee Pulhem and Branden Knehar! So happy for you! LOVED the announcement! EEEEEEP! so excited for you two!!!!! love you BayLee!

picture: Happy thanksgiving! mashed potatoes, farofa, and rice! mmmmm da hora!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Letter #23- Happy Thanksgiving!!!

BOM DIA!!!!! Opa!!!

This week... witnessed a miracle. Holy cow! We just left a members house, and a young man stopped us and said, `I know you...` (my reaction at first... uhh.. ok..) But we got talking and set up a time to talk with him more. He had a family member get married in the temple, and his aunt who attened the civil wedding told him how much she liked what the Bishop said and he went to the site to see what it was all about. He had been searching for the truth... he is searching for the truth. This week we met with him and his aunt and he told us about a dream he had... two persons with a light so bright, he couldnt make out faces, but he recognized us as servants of the Lord... WOW!!! The Lord definitley puts us in the paths we need to be to help build his Kingdom. This happens to missionariers and members! ALL of us, Heavenly Father puts us in the families we are, the work situations, the friends we have, to help share the gospel one wary or another. I love seeing his Hand in his work.

I love being a missionary! I love this Gospel! I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it is evidence for us that EVERYTHING we learn in the Church is true. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

Monday, November 12, 2012

Letter #22- The Church is Perfect

Bom Dia!!!!!

Sou MUITO grata por esse oportunidad servir uma missão!!!!! nossa! Estou aprendendo bastante! É maravilhosa ser um parte desse trabalho! Amo ser uma missionaria!!!! Opa!!!!

I love you all so much and hope everything is going well for you! Morumbi is fantastic! Love this ward, love the members, and love learning more about the gospel. This week was tough... spiritually, emotionally, physically draining. But through the trials miracles happen! Prayer is powerful! And fasting is a tool that REALLY works. After many prayers and fasting for our investigators, miracles happen in the form of answers to prayers. Pillar was baptised yesterday! it was a great experience! she is a HUGE example to me. She is very smart and wants to do the right things. She studies and works at her job every day and is VERY studious! She didnt have a lot of time for us to teach her, so she took our pamphlets and came every week for about 3 months now... she studied and searched for the truth, and found it. Because the Church IS true! Miracles happen! Its amazing to witness them!

Well, Brazil is hot, and rainy! LOVE the rain! The thunder is roaring and the lightning is fantastic! As we get into summer it will get a bit more dangerous, so I~m told, so on with the adventure! :D

I love you all so much and hope that everyone is getting into the Thanksgiving mood! I´m getting into the Christmas mood! The stores are filled with stockings and trees, the houses are beginning to be decorated! Yay Christmas!!!! It will be a great season! 

I love you all so much!

Com carinho,

Sister Waite

-Sister Hirst!!!! LOVE reading your letters! Fabulous!
-Elder Jensen, my district leader in the CTM, doing fabulous! Great to hear from friends!
-Rebecca Waite, you are incredible! thanks for the letter!!!!!! you are fantastic!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter #21- So Good!

Boa Tarde Família! Amigos! Woot woot!

Missão é bom! Bom de mais! Sou MUITO grata por esse oportunidade servir... aqui em MORUMBI! Yep! I stayed with Sister Reis! We are working with a family, planning their wedding date, and after, their baptsim! this family is incredible! Its so fantastic to see the change of heart and the ultimate change in the people as they accept the gospel in their lives. EVERYTHING changes for the better... its so wonderful! such a miracle to see this transformation!

Friday was the ´Fariado de Finados´... their memorial day... and our Bishop held an activity with us, some other elders in the other area, and some members to go to the cemetery and pass out the pamphlet ´the plan of salvation´.... This experience I will never ever forget... there are two huge cemeteries right next to each other on the border of my area. The street was PACKED with people... we started passing out and telling people about the plan that Heavenly Father has for each one of us... it was fantastic! Fantastic to share the hope that the gospel brings, the sense of peace that the plan of happiness brings to people... but as our pamphlets ran out, we walked through the cemetery... still... SO MANY people! So many people suffering... this is when I became sad... so SAD for the people who don´t have the gospel in their lives, who dont KNOW where their loved ones who have passed on are... I felt this urge to talk to EVERYONE! I wanted to talk and teach EVERYONE that was there... it was a feeling so overwhelming. I will never forget that moment, just looking at all the people in the cemetery, and wanting nothing more than to share the truth with them. I know that Heavenly Father loves us, I know that he has given us a plan that brings Happiness in THIS life, and the life after! Families are FOREVER if we do our part and follow the Savior´s example. I am so grateful for the restored gospel in my life. I am grateful for the family that I have! We are sealed for eternity! We will be together forever! We have a Savior that paid the price and made it possible for this endless happiness! I am so grateful for family and everything that Heavenly Father has given me.

With this experience and that feeling I felt, now I look at the people in the streets of my area and imagine them if they were at the cemetery that day... Each one of us passes through times of hardship and difficulty, but we dont have to suffer... Remember the blessings in your life! Remeber the family that you have! Remember how LOVED you are... I love you!

Brazil is fantastic! the weather reminds me of Utah... one day HOT HOT HOT, the next... harldy any sun and pretty breezy... oh man. Hope halloween was a blast! We sure had fun! I love you all so much and am so grateful for you in my life!

Com muito MUITO Amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. wohoo!!!! Recieved Mail because of Transfers!

-GRANDMA! Loved your letter! I am so glad that Aunt Betty had a great time visiting! I love you so much Grandma and Grandpa! I hope and pray you two are doing fantastic!
-Oh Yeah! Sister Asay is doing fantastic! Loved the Halloween card Sister Asay! You are a doll!
-Sister Hirst... oh my goodness. I LOVE hearing from you! It is so fun to hear about your family and the ward, thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! You are wonderful!
-Austin! Yay! Got your letter! Thank you so much! Its fantastic!
-CONGRATULATIONS ELISE AND GABE LEE!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I jumped up and down when I recieved your invitation.... oh man... SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!! Yay!!!! I´m sure it was a fantastic day for you two, thank you for the invitation! Wish I could have gone to the reception. I am so happy for you two!