Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter #24- Miracles Happen

Boa Tarde Tudo Mundo!!!!! Opa!

I love you so much! What a week! Its great to be a missionary... learn so much about yourself when you focus on others. Its a great and mysterious work how you can see the difference in YOUR life... LOVE being a missionary!

Its amazing to see the hand of the Lord in HIS work. The baptism yesterday was so special. The ward was there supporting him and it was a great meeting. I lead the music and couldnt help but think as I looked around the room... ´wow...  I am so grateful for everysingle member here... and the newest member of the church too... how grateful I am to see their examples and see them sacrifice for the things that matter most.` I dont want to leave Morumbi! Transfers are on my birthday, DONT WANT TO LEAVE! I love love LOVE being here... I know that missionary work is a WHOLE church affair. Not just with those who wear nametags. without support of members, without the templework that goes on, the purpose of the gospel wouldnt function without everyone´s example.  I love being a missionary! Families are forever!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! I did too! It was fun to explain the traditions of the american culture to Sis Reis and what Black Friday is... its so fun to be in a different culture! We get to share so many wonderful experiences! LOVE Brazil. Hope everyone is doing well! Know that I love you and am grateful for your support!

Com Carinho,

Sister Waite

p.s. MAIL!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!

-OH MY GOODNESS.... Ashlee Head and Brandon Poulter... I LOVE YOU TWO! Parabens! Congratulations on your wedding!!!!!! ahhhhhh! wish I could have been there, just know that I was jumping up and down and squeeling when I got your announcement. Thank you SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU!
-Joy! Oh man... sorry about your first car experience... isnt it great to have big brothers to help stand up for you! I love you cutie!
-Glad you enjoyed Alaska Sam! thank you for the support!
-Grandma! thank you for the letter! and WOW! Congratulations Uncle Alan with the new office in SLC! thats so neat! So proud of you! LOVE you!
-Austin! LOVED the letter! thanks for all the mission experiences!
-Elder Charles! Great to get a christmas letter!
-NO WAY!!!!! Congratulations BayLee Pulhem and Branden Knehar! So happy for you! LOVED the announcement! EEEEEEP! so excited for you two!!!!! love you BayLee!

picture: Happy thanksgiving! mashed potatoes, farofa, and rice! mmmmm da hora!

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