Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter #33-Ficei!!!!

WOHOOO!!!!!! I stayed in Morumbi! 5th transfer here, I LOVE Morumbi!

I absolutely love being a missionary! You see SO many miracles...really. Its a miracle to see the way the Lord works to accomplish the great and marvelous work! AH! As a missionary you really feel like you are just an instrument in the hands of the Lord, yes it takes effort,but it all has to do with timing and where the Lord places you just in the right time, the right week, the right neighborhood. I love being a
missionary to see the change in the lives of those we teach and introduce the hope and happiness that the Gospel of Christ brings. I know that Joseph Smith really was called of God to restore this happiness! I am SO HAPPY to be here... training Sis Bruno has been so fun! Tough for both of us, but SO rewarding! this transfer will be the best transfer ever!

We had the wedding and baptism of our best friends! it was amazing! sis reis was able to come too! It was great to see her again and see this family unit complete! All members of the true Church of Christ! I LOVE this!

We had a Family Night with the miracle that happend this week. One of the right time, right place, right person for the job. I LOVE this family so much! it feels like we have known each other for the longest time, and their story is fantastic! I love helping them see the light and understand and answer questions that they always had... the spirit of God like a fire is burning! and Man, the fire is burning in our area! I love being a missionary!

Com Amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. Pizza... so good! I go crazy for the brazilian pizza! haha

-Tiffany Patten... the pics are ADORABLE!!!! Oh Zo... she is so cute!
tell Dallas Hi too! I love you!

-Mama Prior! Thank you so much for the card!

-Caleb Prior... you are awesome! Thank you for the scriptures!

-Rebecca Waite... you are absolutely fantastic! I am so excited for you! thank you for your letters! Whats your address?


-Chad Healey, thanks for the letter! the updates are always great!

-Elders in the field! Let us all press on, in the work of the Lord! :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Letter #32-Changes

Dear Family and Friends,

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am so greatful for the changes in our
lives... that is what life is all about. Change, and how we handle and
learn from all the changes. I know that there are things that never
change, they are solid! The love that the Savior has for each one of
us, His Gospel, and that He is guiding us in our lives when we feel
like He is or not.

The change that the gospel brings in our lives is the most solid and
edifying change that anyone can do... It is the GREATEST feeling to
watch the friends and families we help, enter into the most correct
change of all... the change that comes when we accept the Savior in
our lives and follow his example! Seriously, I am a different person
and see things differently because of the experiences of serving the
Lord. I LOVE being a missionary! So much!

Change is so wonderful... transfers are tomorrow... :( Have a 50/50
chance of leaving Morumbi... my home!!!! First area... here for almost
6 months.... but I am training... so I´ll find out tonight! But i am
CERTAIN where ever I am assigned, its where I need to be. And where
ever the Lord puts you in YOUR path too... its to help others, help
YOU learn, and where you can grow the most!

Just know I love you all and am so grateful for your examples! You are the best!

Com Carinho,

Sister Waite

Picture Time!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letter #31-Hello from Brazil

Hey Family!

Doing great! IT has been a wet and rainy week! LOVE the rain!!!! Just
trucking along with the work, its great to be a missionary! crazy to
think transfers are next week! ahhh!!!!

CHRISTMAS CAME!!!!!! thank you family... I love you SOOO MUCH!
thank you for all the support and prayers!

sister waite

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter #30-FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!!


Wow how time flies... already 2013! Its crazy! Its also crazy that its
been 7 months too! No! time... slow down a bit.. the mission is
AMAZING! Don~t want it to end!

Things are hot and sunny down here! In the streets, in the work, and
its fantastic! The days are full of sunshine, BEM FORTE!!!! Really
intense sun... and the nights are filled with rain! Its great!

President let us stay with a member family until 11, so we were with
our neighbors, and they are FABULOUS! I want to be members like THEY
are members... SO strong and always trying to find ways to help share
the gospel... the best example to me! Anyway, it was fun to eat
churrasco with their big family... it was a little tough to stay up
late, but after we got in our house we saw fireworks... HAPPY NEW
YEAR!!!!! man... 2013 already

This week we have been teaching a lot with temples... and the
Restoration... Its been SO good! I KNOW that Joseph Smith really
restored the power to SEAL our families for eternity! Oh man... it is
so amazing the study and SEE how the power of the Priesthood is SO
real... We have been helping a recent convert family prepare names for
them to go to the temple... and I get so excited to see their
excitement for it... I LOVE TEMPLES!!!!  Being the companion that
knows a little more portuguese, I~m the only to take the lead with
most of the lessons... (training... its great!!!! Really... I am so
grateful for this chance to grow) But I am the one to testify FIRST of
the Restoration... and I cant even put into the words each time we
explain the restoration, how AMAZING it is... each time it just makes
that much more sense, and each time it is THAT much more real to me. I
am so grateful for Joseph Smith and the courage and faith he had to DO
something... because of that ONE prayer... he changed the world. That
ONE thing... so this year, dont forget the simple things... especially
prayer. One prayer can change your life... pray each day!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and an AMAZING 2013!!!! YAHOO!!!!!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Letter #29- FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!!!

Holy Cow! 2012... Tchau!
I hope everyone has a wonderful time bringing in the new year! 2013, the best year ever yet to happen! Its going to be a wonderful year. This week was absolutely fantastic! Saw and talked to my family! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!! Great to joke and tell stories... Christmas wasnt like any other Christmas´! It was fantastic, full of fireworks, good food, and everyone in the streets at night... what a party! And hot too!
I hope everyone is making great goals for the new year! I´m still thinking of mine... 2012 was a great year, full of ups and downs and thrills and adventures! I know that 2013 will be the same! Please know that I love you and am hoping the best for everyone! Remember the things that matter most for this up coming year... time. Time is precious. Use it well, use it with the ones you love, and use it for the best!
Happy New Year! FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!!! Have a fantastic week everyone!
Com Carinho,
Sister Waite