Monday, January 21, 2013

Letter #32-Changes

Dear Family and Friends,

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am so greatful for the changes in our
lives... that is what life is all about. Change, and how we handle and
learn from all the changes. I know that there are things that never
change, they are solid! The love that the Savior has for each one of
us, His Gospel, and that He is guiding us in our lives when we feel
like He is or not.

The change that the gospel brings in our lives is the most solid and
edifying change that anyone can do... It is the GREATEST feeling to
watch the friends and families we help, enter into the most correct
change of all... the change that comes when we accept the Savior in
our lives and follow his example! Seriously, I am a different person
and see things differently because of the experiences of serving the
Lord. I LOVE being a missionary! So much!

Change is so wonderful... transfers are tomorrow... :( Have a 50/50
chance of leaving Morumbi... my home!!!! First area... here for almost
6 months.... but I am training... so I´ll find out tonight! But i am
CERTAIN where ever I am assigned, its where I need to be. And where
ever the Lord puts you in YOUR path too... its to help others, help
YOU learn, and where you can grow the most!

Just know I love you all and am so grateful for your examples! You are the best!

Com Carinho,

Sister Waite

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