Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter #30-FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!!


Wow how time flies... already 2013! Its crazy! Its also crazy that its
been 7 months too! No! time... slow down a bit.. the mission is
AMAZING! Don~t want it to end!

Things are hot and sunny down here! In the streets, in the work, and
its fantastic! The days are full of sunshine, BEM FORTE!!!! Really
intense sun... and the nights are filled with rain! Its great!

President let us stay with a member family until 11, so we were with
our neighbors, and they are FABULOUS! I want to be members like THEY
are members... SO strong and always trying to find ways to help share
the gospel... the best example to me! Anyway, it was fun to eat
churrasco with their big family... it was a little tough to stay up
late, but after we got in our house we saw fireworks... HAPPY NEW
YEAR!!!!! man... 2013 already

This week we have been teaching a lot with temples... and the
Restoration... Its been SO good! I KNOW that Joseph Smith really
restored the power to SEAL our families for eternity! Oh man... it is
so amazing the study and SEE how the power of the Priesthood is SO
real... We have been helping a recent convert family prepare names for
them to go to the temple... and I get so excited to see their
excitement for it... I LOVE TEMPLES!!!!  Being the companion that
knows a little more portuguese, I~m the only to take the lead with
most of the lessons... (training... its great!!!! Really... I am so
grateful for this chance to grow) But I am the one to testify FIRST of
the Restoration... and I cant even put into the words each time we
explain the restoration, how AMAZING it is... each time it just makes
that much more sense, and each time it is THAT much more real to me. I
am so grateful for Joseph Smith and the courage and faith he had to DO
something... because of that ONE prayer... he changed the world. That
ONE thing... so this year, dont forget the simple things... especially
prayer. One prayer can change your life... pray each day!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and an AMAZING 2013!!!! YAHOO!!!!!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

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