Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #67- Bugs and Fright

Hello Everyone!!!!

Everyone here is excited about the Ward Family Night.... of Halloween! Hope everyone at home is getting excited about the holiday. I LOVE halloween! But our spiritual thought for the evening.. will be... `... doubt not, fear not...´ how to have more faith in the scary times of life. oh yea... it will be a lot of fun!

There will be a conference just for the sisters! its going to be next week, and its going to be fantastic! 44 sisters in our mission! woot woot! sister power!

Next week is the primary program and Sis Tillman will play the piano for them... the practices have been so fun. I LOVE the testimony of primary... they are SO cute! and they KNOW its true... it just reminds me why Christ said that no one will enter the kingdom of God unless he becomes like a little child... so innocent and pure.

Our legs our sore from walking, our hearts are happy from singing all the time... its so fun to be with Sis Tillman... she is so cute. and Hilarious!

Well... have a great time this week! remember to be a misisonary with all your heart might mind and strength! so that you can feel the ALERIA COMPLETA!!!!! Complete joy... man... its so good! I know that this work is really led by a loving Heavenly Father, and that Christ lives and loves each one of us. I love being a missionary for the true Chruch of Christ.

Love you! Boas festas!


Sister Waite