Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #66-:D

Love miracles of the week!

Another miracle! There was a less active in the ward and she has two cute little girls and her boyfriend live together... but when we went to meet her, he came to the door... but then RAN to his mothe-in-law´s house to get her... then stayed during the conversation! Which is great... its the reason we came! to teach him! But he is amazing! He wants to change, and change for the girls in his life and change himself to be better... he already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon... he couldnt sleep one of these past nights and took the Book of Mormon and read the part we had left for him... and it was EXACTLY what he needed to hear in the EXACT moment to really know and FEEL the reality of the Book of Mormon. Wow... I love being a missionary!

I love being just an instrument in the hands of the Lord... just being there at the right time, inspired to say and read the right things in the right moment... for one of His children see the light and come unto him. I love it!

We are doing great! Lorena is great, Sis Tillman is coming along just great.... and we are happy!

Remember that this weekend is conference! best time in the world to recieve personal revelation! I love that Heavenly Father called a living  Prophet! I love you all so much! hvae a wonderful Week!!!!


Sister  Waite :D

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