Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #61- Weird Week Was Wonderful

Haha Hello Family! Hi friends!

So this week was weird, wonderful, and wacky! haha

-P-day, with the zone! played volleyball... and played a few games.. hamburgers! haha fun!
-Tuesday... got sick. :P no fun... but with sleep and liquids, all is better!
-Wednesday- MISSION CONFERENCE! the best!
-Thursday- I learned about trying TOO hard... or TOO much...
-Friday- DIVISION! that took a good chunk of the day
-Saturday- normal day... aka hot, tiring, miracles happend :D and teaching some people with SERIOUS problems.. but nothing that the Gospel can cure
-Sunday- CHURCH! :D with investigators who are progressing!

welp... mission conference was fanastic! SO good to see friends, and really feel the happiness that comes when you see your battle combrads! haha i is a battle, but the good will always prevail! :D
President talked about virtue... and Joseph in Egypt... really neat. How really being virtuous is the key... because when you are virtuous, you can be a vessel for the Lord, becase the Spirit will be with you ALWAYS... and this morning I learned that that is how Christ was alble to heal too... people wanted to touch his robes to be healed... and when the woman touched his clothes, he felt virtue leave him... VIRTUE is how we can be healed and helpothers too... it was really great!

Love the Gospel! LOVE the Book of Mormon!
Have a great week! stay strong! :D


Sister Waite

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