Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter # 39-All Creatures of Our God and King

Tudo Bem Todo Mundo?!?!

Wow! Brasil is fantastic! This morning, we had a zone P-day! We went
to the Aquarium! Wow! It was so neat! I took lots of pictures, but
this interenet house doesnt have an outlet to upload pics... oh man.
So next week, I will fish up the email all the way! But it was so much
fun! There are 6 compnionships in our zone, and we had a blast! I saw
Dorey, and Nemo... Bruce was there also (a smaller version anyway) and
there was a SEAL!!!! Oh man... she was so beautiful! She talked to us,
it was so much fun!

São Paulo... WOW I LOVE IT! This past week was so great! We are
teaching a family that basically are already members... just to see
how the Lord really prepares the people and puts them in our path! Two
weeks ago, I talked with the kid that ran the internet house and made
a contact with him... He was really nice and was excited about the
Book of Mormon that we would bring to his house... well... a week ago
Saturday we stopped by his house, he wasnt there but his Mom and
brothers were... and WOW! This is a family that is SO prepared to
accept the Gospel! She is a SUPERMOM!!!! Wow... just through her
example, I have learned so much! Her two sons are preparing for
baptism and her and her husband, we marked their wedding and baptism
too... but really, I sit back and reflect on all the experiences I
have had here... and I am AMAZED... it just builds my faith even more
to talk to EVERY one I can in the situations I can to help share the
gospel... because it may not but the first contact... but the third or
hundreth time this person will hear about the church to become

The Lord hears and answers our prayers... I love being His
representative and wouldnt give ANY thing to give up this
experience... to all the youth... PLEASE!!!! Consider and GO! Of
course the Lord wants you to serve! Of course He wants EVERYONE to
hear about the plan and help build you up so you can see your eternal

I love you all! I hope everything is well with you! Have a great week!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

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