Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter #40- Excellence!

Boa Tarde Família!!!! :D

Wow... this week... went by like lightning! It was so amazing! Last
P-day... the Aquarium, and I gave a thought in our zone conference...
it was all based on the talk mom sent me last week... agency. Really
is the greatest gift that Heavenly Father has given us... but we have
to remember that everyone else has the ability to choose as well. So
when it comes to decisions that invovle more than one person... aka
Misionary work, Marriage, family things... we have to rembemer the
timing that the Lord has planned for us, as well as the freedom of the
other person to choose. It really opened my eyes Mom, thanks for being
so inspired!

We had a mission conference this week! it was so great to see the
Elders and Sisters that I have already served with... man how time is
flying by! Elder Cruz of the seventy came and shared a LOT of amazing
things... mostly just filled the tank of enthusiasm for the next 9
months! Wow, he is really called of God, all of the leadership in the
Church are seriously... I am so grateful to hear the words and
thoughts he shared. The mission has its strengths and its
weaknesses... and boy, we are all pumped to switch those weaknesses to
strengths! We want to find more families and more future leaders in
the wards and stakes! He passed my favorite video... the same video
that President Ferrin shared with us the last training... man...
amazing! ´We stand shoulder to shoulder with the most amazing
missionary that walked the face of the Earth! So dont ever think that
this work is easy... because it was never easy for Him...` Love
Mission Conferences! :D

We had a baptism meeting this past weekend, the first for my companion
and it was so wonderful! We had a great turnout and support from the
ward and man... I am so happy for this family! I love love LOVE the
Santos Family... Simone is one of the best women I have ever met...
she is a rock! and her family is so amazing... I love serving the Lord
and helping those who have faith and are willing to repent, find the
strait and narrow path! There is nothing better than seeing the smiles
of the family when one of the family members makes this important step
in their lives! The best thing Saturday was hearing Junior comment
(after he was baptized) ´Wow... I feel really good... really good...
this feeling comes from God?` YES YES YES!!! I know that this is the
work of the Lord and that when we do our part, he is BOUND to do
his... Never forget to read the scriptures! They bring power and the
fuel for our Spirits!

I love you all so much! The big city of Sao Paulo is full of buses and
Metros.... but really, we just walk everywhere, and 3 buses for our
Zone meetings. Sis Abreu, from Portugual is amazing, learning the
Portuguese from Portugual... its been an adventure! I am so grateful
to have a great companion, and a great mission president who is so
inspired! :D

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! :D

Com MUITO amor,

Sister Waite

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