Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter #36-Another Wonderful Week

Hello Family and Friends!

Brazil is heaten up! Literally and in our area! We are seriously
teaching a lot of people right now... a few families, a few singles,
and all of them and progressing and WANTING to know more! Its the best
thing to get a call from an investigator anxious for us to come and
discuss what they read, or what they learned... the gospel seriously
has a way to get everyone excited! Why excitement? Because all of
these things are real, and true! Thats why its fun to learn, because
we really to have a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants the best
for us, and The Savior REALLY lives and made it possible for us to be
here with our families, and one day returen to live with them and
Heavenly Father in the eternities! Oh its so fun! I love being a

There is one thing that I dont like about the mission... saying
goodbye... :( I got a call from President Ferrin this last week, he
said I will be transfered... where to, I dont know yet, tonight we
will find out. Oh man... to say goodbye to Morumbi... it doesnt feel
real right now... MAYBE President changed his mind? I hope so... I
would be just fine to stay another transfer or two here... But I know
its not really goodbye... more like, See you later! Its just another
milestone of time... wow Sister Waite... time is passing fast.. too
fast! To say goodbye to Sis Bruno... :( to say goodbye to Bishop
:(.... to say goodby to the families we are teaching NOW, and the ones
that I taught before... wow... tough. But! we will all see each other

The sun is HOT, the nights are cool, and everyday we have a rain that
is SO refreshing! I love being a missionary and seeing the miracles in
the every day lives of the people. The words in the Book of Mormon
really are for us... and the changing power the gospel brings...

Thank you for ALL of the Support! I am so grateful for the letters and
words of encouragement! Please know I am thankful!

I love you!

Sister Waite

-Family we are teaching! :D I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!! We are family... :D

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