Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter #38- MOOCA!!!

Boa Tarde Família!!!!

I love love LOVE being a missionary and seeing the had of the Lord in His work. We had a training this week that WOW... was an experience that I will never forget, two actually... but the one with President Ferrin... I LOVE seeing the inspiration flow through our leaders- the prophet, our bishops, and my mission President. I just want to share a few of the thoughts that feelings I felt during this training... I hope that it will help all of you too.

Our training was centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ... and how important the Atonement is in the work, in our lives, and how it is the most IMPORTANT experience that the Savior went through through out
all eternities... I am so grateful for the sacrifice he made for me, my family, and ALL of the people that were on the earth, are on the earth, and that will come. The Atonement is infinite... It is significantly incredible.  The part i wanted to share with you in the
training was a video we watched with voices from a few of the apostles, the video went through the atonement process, showed pictures and some clips from church films from the Garden, to the Cross, and to the Ressurection.. but the thing that hit me most was hearing Elder Hollands voice, with A LOT of vigor saying `SALVATION NEVER WAS EASY`. He talk was to mission presidents in response to when missionaries write and ask their presidents ´why dont people flock to the gospel? its the true church... so why dont they believe? why isnt it easy to start begin the process of the gospel for our investigators?` and other questions like this... but really... Salvation never ways easy... and never will be... the Savior paid the
price, we walked the steps for us so that we could be happy... he sacrificed is LIFE for us... he did EVERYTHING he could possibly do because of the love he had for Heavenly Father and for each one of
us... What I learned from this training is how REAL the atonement is in each one of our lives... life isnt easy... it never was, it never will be... but we are here to be happy... and how to do get this happiness? through the atonement... the salvation of our lives right NOW, and in the eternities is because of our Savior... Salvation never was easy... for him, neither for us... but we can and WILL recieve it.

WOW I love the mission!!!! I love defending and explaining the Book of Mormon! I absolutely LOVE serving... please dont ever hestitate to serve! Especially the soon to be and qualified missionaries! dig deep into the scriptures and prepare to serve with heart mind and strength! It is the best feeling in the WORLD!!!!! I love you all and hpe you have a fantastic week!

KNow that you are loved!

Com Amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. Please read Jacob 3:1-2.... what is a strong mind to you? It got
me thinking this morning

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