Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter #37- WOW!

I am doing great! new area, I am in the big city now! Sao Paulo! The transfer went great! the neighborhood Mooca! its like the bronks in NYC... kinda... its fantastic! I am with my new companion, Sister Abreu, she is from Portugual and it is fantastic! At times its a bit tough with the accent, but it is so fun to teach with her... I have heard a lot about this area... its one of the oldest wards in Sao Paulo, and a lot of people have already heard about the church.. but that isnt going to get me down! I am ready for this change, its great to see the city lights at night, and be in the business during the day. Wow! what an adventure! One thing that is keeping me sane really is the Book of Mormon. I agree with Greg, when we all READ the Book of Mormon together, there is power! I am seeing it in the mission. All the missionaries are reading it together and there is a uniy when we come to zone meetings, in the companionships, in the family unit of
the mission. So I know there are many changes that are happening in our family, but I LOVE YOU ALL, and I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is a rock for all the changes in our lives. I love the Book of Mormon!
Never let a day go by without reading!

Wow, only 9 more months... half way... WHAT?!??!

I love you!

Sister Waite

Will send pics next week!

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