Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Letter #41- Feliz Páscoa! :D

Hello Everyone! 

Feliz Páscoa yesterday! I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Something fantastic about Easter in Brazil are the Chocolate eggs! Wow... they come in all different shapes and sizes and have a prize or more chocolate in them... we had a relief society activity a few weeks ago about how to make the eggs... so this weekend all the members we passed, and our investigators we are teaching, in some way were making the chocolate eggs... wow. How fun! I hope the Easter Bunny found everyone with lots of chocolate and treats to give, he passed by my house too! With some sweets from Portugal and brightly colored eggs! haha it was a wonderful moment to wake up to!

The best part about Easter... MUSIC! I love hearing the different hymns that come with Easter... but the message we taught mainly yesterday was through the hymn ´I Know that My Redeemer Lives´... and how WONDERFUL it is to have this knowledge... to have this comfort that WE will live too! wow! Sister Abreu sang for the EFY in Portgual, she has an amazing voice! Greatful that we could sing in two parts... WOW! what a spirit that music brings... I love it!

This week... we met someone FAMOUS! JACK SPARROW was in Mooca! ah!!! how cool is that! woah... It took me back to the Florida days... oh man... we couldnt stop laughing the rest of the night. It was great! He was here for a birthday party! The lucky kid, he had invited Jack Sparrow himself, and poof! He made it! thats the magic!

So... Sister Abreu had a root canal this week... that put us in the house for a bit... she was in a TON of pain! But now the pain is gone and the hole is there... the dentist is FABULOUS! (Plus... she is interested in our ´mission´... what is a missionary? haha so, we are going to roll with that too!) I am so grateful for modern technology! WOW!!!! It really is amazing... the medicine, the technology, the EVERYTHING!

I sure love you! Thank you so much for your letters, packages, and all of the prayers! I love you so much!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

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