Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter #42- Conference

I absolutely love General Conference! I watched the sunday morning session... 1pm here... and it is SO good to see President Monson, hear the Mormon Tabernacle, and see the other apostles! It was such a great session! I loved that President Monson talked about obedience, and how really it is the FIRST law of Heaven. I loved the talk that a member of the 70 shared about marriage... wow! How can this apply in all family relationships, or companionships! :D I loved the talk about the children! Loved the talk Elder Uchtdorf gave, light! Of course... Elder Anderson was great, and how if we dont have a little black tag, we all have a tag painted on our hearts, because we ALL represent our Savior and defend the truths he taught and revelas through a living prophet. I love Conference!
This week we have been bombarded with SO many difficult questions... one night we got in the house and just looked at each other with the look of ´did that just happen, 3 times in a row?´ We really taught three different lessons, and the same doubt of all three were so profound... man... LOVE those days, it gives us so much to study the following day to help them understand... I love defending Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon... the two things that sets us apart from other churches and religions... we believe in divine modern revelation and priesthood authority! Love it! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I love sharing how it blesses our lives!
Sis Abreu and I are loving Mooca... and we are going to stay another 5 weeks together! wohoo! the time is flying by, I cant believe I only have 8 more months to serve... NOOO!!!!! it goes by too fast! WAY to fast!
I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Com carinho,
Sister Waite

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