Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter #34- Aventuras!

Boa Tarde!

Wow!!! Aventuras!!!!! This next week is going to be an adventure! DIVISIONS!!!! There is another sister companionship in our area, and we are training them... so Sis Bruno will go with Sis Santana and Sis Brita will come with me in Morumbi... opa! This is new... What an adventure!

What a week! Teaching the gospel with people who really really REALLY is wanting to learn is such an amazing feeling! This family... feels like we have known each other FOREVER! Its such an amazing thing to see the excitement of actually KNOWING and LEARNING about the gospel that it brings to them. Its amazing to see the progress! I love love love being a missionary! Bruna´s baptism was so spiritual and ALL the youth in the ward came and then some! I love this family! I LOVE teaching families and helping them accept and progress! Its a great feeling!

Something I am learning is the principle in Mosiah 4:27... a scripture I am trying to apply more... We all have our limits! We have our faults and our strengths... but we need to work WITHIN our limits and not overdue ourselves... we dont need to run faster then our strength allows... (wich we ran from apointment to apointment this week... it was great! Rained SO MUCH! Run to get out of the rain! :D) And that in the end... Heavenly Father is happy with the work we put in if it was our best! :D I love being a missionary! I am sure learning a lot!
Have a great week!
Com Carinho,
Sister Waite

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