Monday, June 17, 2013

Letter #51

Hey there family and friends!

Time is just flying by, cant believe its the middle of June... the mission is tough, the mission is great, the mission is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am learning a lot about me, my Savior, and especially the love He has for each one of us. I know that at times we get in a droop... but there is ALWAYS a horizon... the sun will rise tomorrow and we have a new day to make the most of life. I love this... I love the chance we have to live and learn about the importance of family, the gospel, and how PERFECT our Savior is... there is no way any one of us will reach this perfection ... but I know that as we strive, we become more closer to our Savior.

We have transfers next week, not sure what is going to happen, but I love change... change is what makes life interesting and we can learn more things with change. Tomorrow we have mission conference! woo hoo!!!! I love mission Conference, a General Authority is here to give training... woot woot! Love seeing mission friends too... what a great day mission conference is!

Keep praying for the missionaries in the field... I feel the influence of the good, the prayers and thoughts and suport, but as a full-time missionary I also feel the pull of the other side too... its very real. so thank you for all of your support and all of the prayers, I know that we will win this battle! We will help our brothers and sisters recognize the good and the good will always win!!!! woo hoo!!!!

Thank you for everything you do and are! I am so grateful for my family... I love each and every one of you so much! thank you for all you do! Im glad Jessica and Derek made it safe and are LOVING Georgia... woot woot! Have a great time in ND Mom, and Parker will definitley embrace you with lots of hugs when you get back... thanks Dad for the supporting emails! Have a great Birthday Greg! You deserve it Elder Waite! :D :D :D

I love you all! thanks for everything!

Sister Waite

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