Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter #54- 4th of July


Life in the mission fiels is on a roll! we are loving the area, the people, the members, the laughs, the scriptures, the flag cake for the4th, and especially seeing the hand of the Lord on our side. WOW! Its like we woke up in a dream this week! It was a very successful week for us! helping two families, and helping another come back to church and teaching her children... wow... what special people.
We had a meeting last night with the visiting teachers and home teachers... and the Bishop said something that is SO true... ´who has gone away from a visit sad?´ NO ONE!!! Why? because we ahve the spirit with us, we are helping that family that sister or brother, and we have learned about the message we taught. The greatest difference in missionaries, visiting teachers,and home teachers... is that themissionaries only visit non-members... and it is so true! misisonary work is in the visiting teaching program and home teaching program! wow! so if youhave served a mission... live the ´good old days´ again and make a visit! :D I have a huge testimony about theimportance of a thesmall visists... the little things make a big difference!

Paul is my new favorite missionary... there are a lot, but he caught my eye this week! Read in Acts and you will know what I mean! Scripture power! :D yay primary! spcripture power, keeps me safe from sin... scripture power is the power to win!!! :D and that is the truth!

Had a WONDERFUL 4th of July... we had a family night with Bianca.. she had invited her friend to come and introduce us to her... There was great american food. BROWNIES! and COOKIES!! and PINK LEMONADE! haha she made carmel apples and burritos... ahha it was quite the mix, and quite tasty!!! I am so proud to be an American... I LOVE AMERICA!!!! I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July, full of fireworks! :D

Have a fantastic week and know that Brasil is absoloutely fantastic!


Sister Waite

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