Thursday, July 25, 2013

Letter #56- FAMILY


This week was a great week too! Getting everything ready for a few weddings its fantastic! I love the gospel, and to see the changes in each person... with some it is a drastic change, like our friend who was baptized last sunday, he showed up yesterday with a shirt and tie!!! oh man... its fantastic. and the peace that the gospel brings is so real...

this morning I read Elder Cook´s talk from conference, about peace. I LOVED it! that we really do find peace, and happiness, when we live righteously. when we humble ourselves to repent and change our actions to be in line with Heavenly Father´s will... brings real contentment. How many times do we think of the things we dont have... we are not content... then to see the things we do have and recognize that its ALL from a loving Heavenly Father... ah! Love it! I love the TRUE peace that comes through repentence and the Savior´s love. I am so grateful for His gospel in my life and for this short time to help share it with everyone! 

Brazil is hot... even in the winter... with cool nights. The bugs are loving me and Sister Carvalho... and we have had lots of adventures... the moral of one of the adventures we had this week was there is nothing good that comes from cutting routes... you end up with wet shoes for the rest of the day, and grass hanging from the hem of your skirt... :D But it happens to the best of us right.. haha 

Thank you for all for the prayers and encouraging emails and letters... I am so grateful for all of them! you are the best!


Sister Waite

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