Thursday, July 25, 2013

Letter #55- Miracles Happen!

Hello family!!!! Hello friends!!!

We have seriously seen the miracles that the Lord has worked through the Lorena Ward. I love being a missionary and helping people realize the love that the Savior has for each one of us... and how happy He is to see His children make the right decisions! 

I am loving training Sister Carvalho! She is such a doll... she is so sweet and tender-hearted missionary! I love studying the scriptures with her and helping her grow in inviting and teaching our investigators... the best thing that we can do is to invite people to come unto Christ. This is an everlasting principle... for all the missionaries, for all the members of the Church, and for all the Christans that have a testimony of the Savior... the very best help we can give someone is to help them realize the love the Savior has for them.... and we can show him OUR love and OUR faith when we do what he has asked of us.... 

3 Nefi 11... this chapter is really specical in the Book of Mormon. When Christ appears in the Americas... and what are the first things he does? He shows the marks... he proves that he IS the Christ, and it really IS him... the second thing He did was to call Nefi to be a prophet... and he gave him POWER... and the Permission to use this power... to baptize... this is how we accept our Savior... when we live to our covenants we make at baptism.

We had the privlege of helping 4 people take this speacial step yesterday, it was such a great meeting... the spirit was so strong... there will be one this evening too! The Lord is really opening up the windows of heaven and helping the work progress rapidly here in Lorena... and Sister Carvalho and I are eating it up! I love this work, I know it is true! I love the Savior and the power of prayer... Always remember you are never too far away from the people who know you and love you Most! Just a simple prayer...

Have a fantastic week! work hard!

Sister Waite 

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