Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter #48- Miracles!

Hi Family and Friends!

Wow! miracles happen!!!! :D they are around us everyday! but just to update on what happened in the month of May... The mission has been a bit up and down with the amount of baptisms that happen in each month, we did a speacial fast at the beginning of the month with all the missionaries in the mission as well as their families... and what a blessing! This last week alone there were 79 baptisms in the mission! WOW!!!! Look at how the Lord blesses the work with the faith of hundreds! :D 

I feel so lucky to be apart of this wonderful work! I know at times I get too comfortable with things, that I lose the grand picture and all the blessings the Lord has given me and my family... this week I want to really show my gratefulness... and I know that will come through actions! :D I absolutley love this work and the Gospel of Jesus Christ... especially repentance... these past weeks I have really seen the power of repentance in my life and the lives of our investigators... its amazing what humility brings to the plate.

Small WORLD!!! so today we went to this great big market place with Sister Ferrin! :D it was fun! Sis Abreu went with us and her companion too! and guess what... we ran into a family from UTAH!!! haha the twins got off their missions 4 months ago and were back with their parents to show them around and meet their mission presidents! both served in different missions! but it was so fun! traditional mormon utah family!! Oh man... flashbacks! :D haha and then... about a half hour later, we ran into more americans! the YALE orchestra is in Sao Paulo to play and tour... and these 4 students, who arent members of the church, were really curious as to what we were doing here... WOW!!!! Missionary mode in English!!!! YES YES YES!!!! it was a highlight of the day! I talked to them why we are here and told them the next time they see missionaries, to say hi! ´We love it when people say hi to us! it makes us feel more at home!´ They said they would... haha it was fun to talk to them!

I LOVE the small things that the Lord puts in our paths to help us realize just how grand and glorious his work is... look around, help those who need it, and smile! :D

have a fantastic week! :D


Sister Waite

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