Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letter #44- Bringing Forth Good News!

Hello Family!!! Hi Friends!

Sorry last week slipped with the main email... time slipped by too fast... but here are a bunch of pictures! hope it makes up for the lack of the email last week!

Good News! The Priesthood Power is restored!!! Here´s my testimony story about it for the week:

This week went by really fast! contacting, teaching, finding, and getting sick is all part of the process.... Friday I woke up with a fever and couldnt get out of the bed without throwing up... poor sister abreu... we didnt leave the house... oh man! I went this whole time not getting sick sick like this... but hey, I have to take my turn, the flu has been going around like crazy here... I am so grateful for the prayers and the blessing that the Elders gave me with a member... it was really great, another testimony of the power of the priesthood because the next day, I was about 85% better and we went off to work... a few hours later we got a call to do an emergency transfer with the other sisters in our district... Sis Mendonça couldnt even walk! She had so many blisters and cuts on her feet... (Happens to all of us at the beginning of the mission) so She came to our house, I stayed with her to rest up more to get rid of the bug completely while her feet rested too... as much as a day and a half can... man. But I have never seen the comeback from being sick happen so fast! So thank you for all of the prayers and support! And to all of those who hold the special power of the priesthood... please ALWAYS remain worthy to let the power of God help those around you... :)

Spiritual Reboost! Its been 8 months since the last time I went... definitly need my batteries recharged... but the good news is that WE HAVE TEMPLES!!!! in First Kings, the bible, talks about temples... Solomon´s temple... and I remember teaching an investigator in Morumbi about temples, she had a lot of questions about what happens inside, and that she heard there´s idols in them...I just remember how powerful it was when we shared our testimony of the temple... and how temple work IS the work and reason that we are here... its the reason we exist... to find happiness in our lives, to be prepared to meet Heavenly Father again... its all through the temple! Yes!!! I am SO EXCITED to go to the temple! :D

Good News! Mother´s Day is in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!! -need I to explain why this is absolutely amazing and fatastic news for the week?... nah. :D I love you mom! Cant wait to see you! talk to you!

I love you all! have a great week! and remember to always smile! It helps when times are gray!

Com Carinho,

Sister Waite :D

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