Monday, May 27, 2013

Letter #45- Felicidade!

Hey Family! Hi Friends!

Can I just say... I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!! No matter where you are, what temple you are in, EVERYONE is the same... it is the same, in the US, in Brazil, in Finland! The languages may change, but the covenants are the SAME, the spirit is the SAME, and everyone that visits the temple is the SAME... doesnt matter if you have money or no, black or white, boy or girl, president or servant... EVERYONE IS LOOKED UPON THE SAME in the temple... because we are ALL loved by Heavenly Father as equals. I absolutely loved the temple... the process of getting to the temple was a mess... the adversary does everything in his power to destroy the spirit you have of going to the temple, and tries everything to stop you from going... for example-

1-missed a ride with Sis Ferrin, temple recomend was at the house we went back to pick it up, it was too late to catch a ride with her... so we flew to catch a bus
2-by now, traffic is horendous here in Sao Paulo... the bus was packed, we werent able to get off the bus because there were so many people in front of us...
3-finally got off the bus at the next stop possible and FLEW to the metro where we were 45 min late... the rest of our zone was waiting
4- the metro broke. great... so we all took off to get on a bus
5- TRAFFIC is crazy at this point... finaly got to the temple at 9:45.... our session was scheduled at 9.... we made it to the 10:30 session... so we prepared for that one... only to enter the room and it was already FULL.... only me and Sis Abreu and a few other missionaries stayed out of this session to wait for the 11:30 session....
you have got to be kidding me! haha was what I Thought, but really we were able to stay in the temple longer... yes! we did inititories until the session... but really, we didnt just have bad luck that day... something was trying to keep us from going... and man. I know why he didnt want us to go to the temple... because we recieve personal revelation there, we become more strong spiritually when we go... so do EVERYTHING possible to get to the temple... no matter what it takes... go!

So that was the biggest adventure of the week... I love the temple... we are closest to our Lord and we can really feel the love he has for us when we are there... all the blessings, the covenants, the spirit. Never forget the love that the Savior and our Heavenly Father has for each one of you... for all of us! Families are forever and I am so excited to talk to my family on Sunday!!!! Best day of the year!!!! Last phone call from Brazil... how time flies! Cant believe it!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the face of the earth that has the power and the AUTHORITY to perform the sacred ordenances we all need to do in order to recieve all that the Father has... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY and sharing this news, that the power is back! The power of the Priesthood is on the earth! and everyone who has the priesthood... just remember how powerful it is and what a privelege to hold this wonderful power... always stay worthy to use it when it is needed... so many are blessed because of your worthiness!

I love you all have a wonderful week and a Fantastic Mother´s Day!!!!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. CONGRADULATIONS CELESTIAL STOKES AND FAMILY... got your letter last week! a new baby girl in the family... that is amazing! happy Mother´s day to you! Happy Mothers day to all! :D :D :D

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