Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter #20- SPOOKY!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! I hope everyone has fun and will be safe! We had a few pumpkins on our table to celebrate! Eat lots of candy for us!
I cant believe it... we have transfers tomorrow! AH! We´ll find out later today where we go, if we stay, what to do. Wow, transfer 2, tchau! Crazy crazy crazy how time flies. But... this also means my ´12 week in field training´ is done... weird. It makes me realize that everything really does have an end... I dont want the mission to end! Its too fantastic! I´m happy that I have the time I do to serve! Its amazing! Grateful that I have this opportunity to serve... its amazing!
Witnessed more miracles this week! They happen everyday in our lives! We just have to look out for them, whether its bumping into someone who you haven~t seen for a long time and had a chance to catch up, to seeing the miracle of a testimony being planted in someones heart... miracles happen! One of them this week was defending Joseph Smith. I LOVE defending and testifying of Joseph Smith, that he REALLY saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and that he REALLY was called of God to restore the Gospel and establish the Church of Jesus Christ back on the earth... especially to study the bible and see all the prophesies about the latter days come true... the prophesies are happening!!!! Because God really truly exists, he has called living Prophets, and we are witnessing the signs of the second coming of our Savior... I LOVE defending truth! Because truth is truth... there is no ifs, ands or buts... it is what it is!
I love you all so much and hope you have a SPOOKILISHESS Halloween! Do send pictures of all the fun Costumes!!!
Com MUITO Amor,
Sister Waite
Pumpkin! And in the background, Manjaca!!!! Mmmmm one of my favorite Brazilian food. Its a root!!!! So good!

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