Friday, October 12, 2012

Letter #17-De Boa na Lagoa!

Oi Família!!!! Oi Amigos!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! Happy October! Brazil doesn~t celebrate Halloween like we do... not at all actually... so enjoy the festivities up north! all the decorations and such... next P-day, WE are going to celebrate halloween! and carve pumpkins! or watermelons... we´ll see! this week, I think Friday, is `Dia de Crianças`... oh yea... kids day! Like mothers day, fathers day... theyhave a kids day where all the kids get gifts. how cool is that?! I think United States should adopt this day too! haha

Well, everyone voted yesterday, polotics are done! Phew! everyday, in the streets there was loud music to vote for this person, vote for that person, flags, papers, people marching for the candidates... now... the streets are quiet... kinda weird. Oh Brazil, Love it here!

Yesterday watched the inbetween session of conference about `Sweet Beginnings`.... man, I hope you all get a chance to watch this clip about this company a woman in Chicago started... so amazing! Try looking it up... its a great story! I want to have honey bees some day... `sweet beginnings´ about helping ex-convicts enter into society again and this company of producing HONEY helps them get hired into other jobs... transition company... man... SO inspiring! This company helps people have a ´sweet beginning´ for a new life.

Wasnt Conference fantastic! Here, the sessions started at 1-3 and then 5-7 we watched both of Sunday´s sessions. it was fantastic! LOVED Elder Holland´s talk... It really made me think... How do we show our love for the Savior? If he were to ask us individually that question he asked Peder... `Peter, do you love me?` how would we respond? I know that the Savior lives, and that he loves us UNCONDITIONALY! And how do we show our love for Him? Love others unconditionally too! I absolutely LOVE being a missionary! Its amazing to sit and talk about the Love the Savior has for every single one of us, and helping people understand that... WOW! I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of my Savior... He loves me, and died for me, and wants me to be happy! His gospel has been restored to the Earth and is here to help US be happy!

I love you! Have a fantastic week!!!! :D

Sister Waite

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