Thursday, October 25, 2012

Letter #18- October 15, 2012

Hi Family!!!! Hi Friends!!!

Wow! We had a baptism in our Area! we are working with this family, they are elite! Its fantastic! Yesterday, Jefferson was baptized, and his Mom and Step-dad are preparing to be baptized too! It was a great experience... he´s a bright kid! Its was such a neat experience to sit and just look at this family... and really see the potential each member has... Especially picutring them going to the temple all together to be sealed... it was a FANTASTIC experience! Families are FOREVER!!!! :D So amazing! we sang `Quando Eu For Batizado´... (I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain.... That one) oh primary songs, LOVE them! Love working with the kids!

Oh Brazil! Love love LOVE Brazil!

This week we had a training with President Ferrin, and last night a devotional with him too... they were great! All about working with the members! During the training he was telling a story from his mission, when he was in Rio, and he had a companion with a lot of energy, always  talking to everyone and smiling... then he said ´I think we have one of these type of missionaries here too... Energy like Sister Waite´ oh man... embarassing... haha but funny. I learned a lot during this training... He said that words are important, words can help build, or break down. This was just a phrase he said as part of the training but it really made me think... Once you say something, you cant take back your words... the stone is cast... and are our words building each other? Words can make such a difference! A simple `Bom Dia!´ down the street, a kind compliment... Small and Simple things.

Then, in the devotional, he had all the missionaries that were there come to the front, introduce themselves, where they´re from and where they are serving right now. This devotional was to help the work through the members grow... a question/answer type devotional.  Well, he was talking about preparing future missionaries, what they need to do financially, physically, this type of thing. He brought up emotional preparedness and asked, `What do missionaries need to be like emotionally on the mission?´ silence... Then he said ´Happy!´ then some of the missionaries with me whispered ´like sister waite.. yea sister waite´ then President had me come to the podium with him and he explained that enthusiasm is important in missionary work, and its important that missionaries smile! Haha it was really funny! I was nervous he was going to ask me to say something... luckily... nope!
But this devotional was really great! to hear the questions from the members and hear President Respond. He has 3 months brazil right now, trying to remember portuguese, and is SO humble about it! For example, he asked, ´what do missionaries need to do to help the work progress in your ward, what are some characteristics they need to have?´ and one of the coments was `like the people´ and he responded `impossível! gosta de gente!´ (Impossible! Like the People!) But what he meant to say was ´Incrível! Gosta de gente!´ (Incredible! Like the people!) hahaha everyone laughed... and he was SO incredibly humble about it... he is amazing! Love President Ferrin! It made me realize that we are really called of God, at times we dont feel qualified in the callings that we are in, but ALWAYS Heavenly Father prepares a way for us to accomplish the work we´ve been asked to do... I know he hears and answers our prayers and wants us to be happy! Always! Every single day... so be happy!

Mission is Great!

Hope all is well back at home! Have a FANTASTIC week!!!!

Com Amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. Recieved lots of mail last week and at the training! Yahoo! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

-Joy Prior, you have a way with words! Always have! LOVED reading about your Timp adventure! Thank you!
-Brother Bliss... wow... SO amazing to hear your advice! thank you SO MUCH!
-Sis Soulberg! LOVED the card! Thank you! Hope family is doing well!
-SIS HIRST!!!!! You are incredible Sis Hirst. I love you, Love your family, and it was fun hearing about the peaches! Love you!
-Wow Austin! Thanks for the Package!!!! All fantastic American goodies... thank you thank you thank you!!!
-Jenny Lowe Woolley... you are a babe! Loved your letter! thanks for the update! I love you!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

1. Me and Jefferson

2. MCDONALDS!!!!!! haha last week we went to a park for P-Day, and woah... there was a McDonalds! Haha so I got a `McLanche Feliz´ haha... but HOLY COW!!!!! McDonalds here is EXPENSIVE!!!! a double mac was R$ 21.00!!!!!! holy cow! Its gold here, EVERYONE likes McDonalds.. haha SO funny. I had my nuggets, fries, and toy... it was fun! With Maracujá! Mmmmm Passionfruit Juice. Oh yea!

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