Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picture Time!

HI family!
1-the invitation for our activity last saturday, I designed it, colored it, and we made copies to give to our investigators!
2- missionaries, and next to sis reis is one of our investigators! he is AWESOME! and next to him, is a recent convert, Alex, i thought he was always a member when I came to morumbi, nope, he was baptized 3 weeks before i got here... he is incredible!
3- BISPO!!!! this is our bishop, and i am SO grateful for him! he is HILARIOUS!!!! as you can see in the pic, its so fantastic to work with this ward, AMAZING people!

more pictures!
1- President Ferrin and Sister Ferrin came, they talked about eternal families and it was perfect! Investigators, less actives, and recent converts were there. The activity was all about family! ate some food, and played games as one big family! :D
2- of course we had water games, and some of the members and missionaries ganged up on me... it was quite comical! (President and sister Ferrin were right behind me though... haha they laughed!) it was great! -the kid to the right, his name is Jefferson, and we are working with his family! they accepted the invitation to get married, and be baptaized! its INCREDIBLE seeing the changes in this family, i am so grateful that for the Holy Ghost, and the Book of Mormon really CHANGES the heart... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!)
3- Oh some members in the ward! SO FANTASTIC! we all had a great time!

more pictures!
1- this is transfer day few weeks ago! we dropped sis faustino off... sad day. But exciting too! hello COMPLETE portuguese! :D This picutre is at the secritorio (spelling:?) the mission office! yay!
2- me and joyce! her parents got married about a month ago... remeber those pics:? we were dancing to to the music, and had a blast! she has sass, its so fun! she says ´sis waite´ with this attitude and snaps her fingers in a z-formation! its hilarious!
3- Bispo joined in the group! just before, everyone soaked him with water! we had a lot of fun!
love you!

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