Monday, September 24, 2012

Morumbi-Letter #15


I stayed in Morumbi!!!! Yahoo!!!! Sis Faustino left though, to train a new campanion, in a NEW area too!!!! Oh man... thats hard. Me and Sister Reis are still hear, now there is NO ONE to speak enlish too and WOW! What a difference it has made! Drowning at times, but for the most of it... just trucking a long. Making up songs to help me remeber words, Sis Reis gets a kick when I say things wrong... so do I. Oh its fun! 

This week we have been teaching a family, buddist and catholic back ground... but they are REALLY searching for themselves. Its great working with investigators who REALLY are trying to find the truth. :D oh the work is fabulous!

This weekend we have planned a HUGE activity for the ward, two other areas, investigators, members everyone is invited! and President Ferrin is coming too!!!!! Its really like a big FHE... President Ferrin and Sister Ferrin will share the spiritual thought and we have games and food planned out... a Grande Família! All about family! We´re really excited!

Got mail too! Thank you thank you!
Mom! I love you so much, your card is so cute! thank you!
Jenny Woolley!!!!!!!! I love you cute girl! Man... last year at the Y... crazy!
GREG!!!! I mean Elder Waite... YAY!!!!! LOVE the letter
Thanks Austin! Heard from you too! Love the letter! Hope your head is feeling better
Grandma!!!!!! I love you so much Grandma! Love hearing from you!
Sister Hirst, you are fabulous! thanks for the letters! they mean so much!

Time was short this week.... thank you for your support! The work is coming along... Talking to everyone!

Love you So much! Remember the work is for everyone! Not just those with tags... :D I love you all!

Com amor,

Sister Waite

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