Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Transfer Over-WHAT?!?!- Letter #14

Bom Dia tudo mundo!!!! :D I love you!
WOW! Where did these past 6 weeks go?! That was fast... tonight we find out where we go, if we stay... the pressure! Both of my companions have been in Morumbi for 3+ months... they both could go, one could go, I could go... bah! Who knows? Exciting.
The Temple was FANTASTIC!!!!! Wow! Its HUGE!!!!! Especially angel Moroni... its so amazing! It was another testimony to me, that its the EXACT same... differen language... but EXACT SAME! Because there is ONE God, ONE Savior of the World, ONE Gospel.... ONE doctrine. I get so excited everytime we explain this to people... There is ONE God, and He is power and wonderful and just, and he loves you SO much! Each one of us... individually. Reminds me of Pres Ucthdorf´s talk last conference or so... in it he explains that the most MAGNIFICANT being in the UNIVERSE knows you and loves you... Its fantastic to think about, because it´s true! I love the temple, and I~m so grateful for the blessings that come from it, like an eternal family! I LOVE YOU FAMILY! So much! -Jessica, I hope you had a fantastic day yesterday! Feliz Anniversario! Wahoo!!! Sounds like everyone had fun at Grandma~s last night, that makes me happy! I love you Jessica! I love you Family! :D
We have been teaching José Leonardo... hes abotu 50+ years old... he smoked 44 cigarettes a DAY when we met him. He had the desire to quit, so last sunday we set some goals with him, decreasing the amount he smoked. We suggested decreasing the number by 5 or ten... thats when he said ´oh no, tomorrow I will only smoke 5!´ OK! benig a little skeptic of this... I shouldn~t have... he DDI IT! 5, then 4 then 3 then 2.... then one on Friday... and poof! He isn~t smoking! Yesterday in sunday school he shared a litlte testimonly of faith! ´i did it! i stopped smoking, with faith you can do anytyhing!´ Oh it was fabulous!!! seriously fantastic!
I love you all so much! I know that the EXACT same church that Christ established on the Earth when he was here, exists... today! rigth now! the principles, the doctrines, all of it! Its fantastic!
Have a great week!
Com Amor,
Sister Waite!

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