Sunday, September 9, 2012

Letter #12 (Here is the letter)

So many wonderful things happened this week! 

Today was fantastic! the pictures are from our field trip today! Campos do Jordão! Please look it up on google! This town is so amazing!

I am so grateful to be a missionary right now! This week I witnessed a miracle! We had a reference and tried to get a hold of her for 4 or 5 times... 5 no shows... no one home. Then this week she was... and boom! She is incredible! She has so much faith! She is ready to hear about the gospel and the blessings that come from living it! Hearing her story and what she has been through this last month I know she would not have been as receptive! It's amazing to see the work unfold! I absolutely love being a missionary! Yay! I am so grateful to be here in Brazil... it is so beautiful! The gospel is perfect! I bore my testimony yesterday, and gave a talk last week! It was great to see some of the faces in the congregation when I stumbled over sentences... but that's alright! It's the message, not the grammar that counts! haha

I love all of you so much! Had interviews with President this week and got letters!,,promise I will write more next week! Have to zip to noite familiar!

Até Proxima Semana!

Com Amor,

Sister Waite

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