Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bom Dia!!!-Letter #13

BOM DIA FAMILIA!!!!! E AMIGOS!!!! Woot woot!

I love you! This was a great week!

I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON WEDNESDAY!!!!! AHHH!!!!! Temple in Campinas! I am so excited! WOOT WOOT! So today, is not PDay... :( thats alright! work work work! But I am so excited for the temple! My companion Sis Reis, this is HER temple that she attends and she says its so pretty... oh I~m stoked! Will take picutres, don~t worry! :D 

I feel so blessed that we have so many temples SO close to us... (in Utah). The sacrifice families make to attend the temple is incredible. they have so much FAITH! Their testimonies are so strong! A family in the ward was sealed last Saturday. It was fantastic to hear how they felt... THATS the reason I~m here, THATS the reason that missionary work is so important! I love the temple! I love the gospel! Oh man.... if you can, PLEASE go to the temple this week! We are so blessed in Utah! I love you!

Hey hey hey... did you know that the cashew nuts we eat, yup the yummy ones, come from a FRUIT! One nut per fruit! Did not know that before the mission... and I tried the fruit for the first time... different, with time I think it would grow on me. Good though! But isn~t that neat?! Interesting fact for the day.

Funny moment of the week, walking to a lesson and POOF! An avacado fell right in front of us! YAY! Fruit from heaven! It was great! (Avacado, milk, and sugar... blend it! So YUMMY!) funny because I had never had sugar with avacado, and Sis Reis has never had it with salt before... I love cultures! Everyone is so different and unique, but we are all really the same! All children of our Heavenly Father who loves us! :D SO MUCH!

Com Muito Amor,

Sister Waite

p.s. made cheesecake this week! Oh yeah... had to use lime instead of lemon (lemon doesnt exist down here) But it reminded me of the family! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!!!

Sorry there~s no pictures this week... the computers in this internet house don~t like downloading picutres... bah! Next week!

-A few weeks ago I recieved mail!!! yay!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
-Mom, you are the best! Loved the Pooh Bear dry erase! Oh Pooh! Thank you so much!
-Dad I got your letters! Thank you thank you thank you!
-Grandma! I~m so glad you got my card ON your birthday! :D I love you too! Thanks for the letters!
-JOY PRIOR!!!! I got your Dear Elder! Good luck with school honey! I love you! Go make some adventures!
-Rebecca Waite! I got your Dear Elder! Thanks for the story! It was fabulous! Great to hear from you! Hows temple prep?! So excited for you!
-Sister Hirst... you are AMAZING! thanks for keeping me updated with the ward... and my Mom. It means so much to me! thank you for sharing your experiences too! WOW! Just what I need to hear, every time, thank you so  much!
-YA SISTER ASAY!!!! Oh its great to hear about the work in Tenesse!
-Elder Northcott! Peru is looking great! Man... missions are incredible!
-KATIA HUDSON!!!!! Thank you thank you for your letter! Muito Obrigada! Eu entendei TUDO!!!! Estou animada por quando eu vou voltar! Podemos falar e entender um ao outro! Woot woot!

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