Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last P-Day in CTM!!!!-Letter #8

Hello Family!!!! I love you!!!! Hi Friends!!!! Hope all is well!!!!
WOW!!!!! I'm officially going to Sao Paulo East Mission on Tuesday! I cannot wait! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!
So, this monday was a great day, want to know why! Because I thought the rest of our district were going downtown to proselyte, and we would stay back and study because we leave a week after them, a week behind right? But! Boom! WE WENT WITH THEM! What a wonderful suprise! On the bus ride there, a man sat down by me and we chated for a bit, -slaughtering portuguese while I'm at it- but he was really really kind and knew some english so he would help me! when i got stuck on a word he would ask me for it in english, than tell me what it is in portuguese, and so on and so on.... man. So cool! He thought I was Brazilian the first few minutes because I didn't have an accent... but, then he realized fast my vocabulary. Bah! It's alright, he asked why i was in Sao Paulo... :) Well sir, let me tell you! I bust out a book of mormon and we went on and discussed religion. I told him I'm here to teach people about Christ's Gospel and this book, he got really intersted! Yay! I was explaining about the book of mormon and just started talking about Joseph Smith when our stop came... NOOOO!!!! So I hurried and told him he could keep the book, and READ IT! :( didn't get a chance to tell him to call the number, or explain what a difference this book has made in my life... bah! I'm praying he'll read it, he WAS interested so... Hopefully! The rest of the time, poof... difficult! Busy busy people everywhere, not interested, or no time... It's alright though!
So, my district left this week, and Elder Krause moved to a brazilian district (he's definitely ready for it) so, it's me and my companions for the rest of the week! We make our own district! I'm sure going to miss them, I LOVE my companions so much! Crazy its the end of the CTM for me... ah! Just know that I won't be sending news for about a week and a half because... BOOM! I'M A MISSIONARY, out of the CTM on Tuesday!!!! Excited, nervous, and pumped!
Lots and Lots of Love,
Sister Waite
-Grandma I recieved your letter, and am replying this week! look for the mail!
-Mom, I LOVED your card, and your letter about Greg, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
-Jessica and Derek, you two are the best! Art + Letter = FANTASTIC!
-Dad, I got yours too! Thanks for the email!
-Jenny Lowe Woolley!!!!!!!! I got yours too! :D I love that you're married! yay!

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