Thursday, July 26, 2012

Branching out of the CTM!!-Letter #7

Hi Family!!! Hey Friends!!!
This week was absolutely fantastic!!! BECAUSE...  Monday we went proselyting!!!! We went out of the CTM!!!!! -That is exciting in and of itself, but! We had about 3 and a half hours to go contact the people around the CTM!!!! It was fantastic! Me and my companions had 7 Books of Mormon to teach about and challenge people to read. My favorite was with our very first one...
We had made a few contacts already, they had either already had one, -so of course we invited them to church- or they just weren't interested. Then we were about to cross a street when I looked down the road and saw a guy sitting on the curb just smoking a cigarette... we were about to cross the street and I told my companions to wait. We went to the guy, found out he was 24, had 4 brothers and sisters, don't remember where he's from, but this was our first contact that really seemed interested. -And! he thought we were from Brazil! Bah.. nope. 7 weeks! He was really shocked, he said our Portuguese was really great! That helped me feel a bit more confident... but my favorite part about sharing the Book of Mormon with him was looking him strait in the eye, and testifying that it was true and how I found out for myself... MAN!!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!
The other contacts that were interested were really receptive! I sure hope and pray they really take the time to read and ponder... and pray! I love it! We gave one to a woman who must of said she was Baptist about 3 times, but still was interested to know more... YES! Then, here in Sao Paulo there are little cafe's on a lot of the corners, a place to hang out really, so we stopped and talked to a few men and a few different restaraunts. They were all very kind! One, was catholic but didn't see the need for God in his life... Oh man, we bore testimony that God lives, and he DOES love him... so cool to see the curiosity begin to swell in their eyes! Oh man... I LOVE THE WORK!
I have learned so much about FAITH this week... I read a great article by Jefferey R. Holland titled "The Best is Yet to Be"... or come... and it was fantastic! Faith is looking forward! Learning from the past and looking for a bright future! I love it. Read D&C 68:6.... my NEW favorite scripture! :D I love this gospel!
HEY!!!!! I have a brand new cousin!!!!! Yay! Congratulations Aunt CaraLee! I am so excited to meet Sophia Louise! :D
I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you so much!
Sister Waite
P.S. Thank you Maddison Olsen, from my primary class! I got your note and your Mom's letter! Both VERY sweet! Your response is coming! :D

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