Thursday, July 12, 2012

STORY TIME- Letter #5

Hello Family and Friends!!!! :D
This week has been the same as the others... Portuguese is coming ever so slowly... but! I AM participating in the lessons more with my companions... as in I am asking questions and answering and testifying like mad! Woot woot! I feel like I can understand a lot better than what I can speak right now... and thats fine! Since everything is generally the same... I decided to share a favorite moment in the CTM! :D
 "The Moment When Sister Waite EXPLODED with Excitement:
It was just this past Monday! a few of our friends who are in the districts ahead of us went proselyting and told us their experience with talking in portuguese and seeing people read the Books of Mormon they passed out. Well, you know Sister Waite, she just beamed! So proud of her Elder friends and was just hopping and skipping on the way to dinner. This is when things really began to sink in... that I am a missionary! I get to do that someday! I am a missionary!!!!! I was just so excited and squeaked everywhere I went... like a mouse. Then, my companion Sis Johnson hugged me to calm me down and breathe, but then she said something that just brought on the tears of excitement... she said, "Sister Waite, you are here! You are living your dream!" That did it... BOOM! Sister Waite on a high again!
I love this gospel and this work! I love being a missionary and feeling the spirit. I know I can't do ANYTHING on my own... especially learn portuguese, but I am so grateful to have the Lord on my side, because I can do anything!
I love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Waite

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