Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chilly Update-Letter #6

Hello Family and Friends!
This week, Sao Paulo has been so cold! The other morning, we walked out of the cafeteria to our breath!!! Wow! I never knew that would happen... it's been rainy and wet. I love it!
Something exciting this week... we had eggs! Haha twice! It's always a treat to see something new for the menu. :D
TRC this past week we were role-playing as the investigators for week 2 missionaries. It's neat to see just HOW much I have learned while being here... I know exactly where those elders have been! Then, just as fabulous, Heavenly Father blessed me with that afternoon... in class our instructor put on a few films with investigators telling their story, they all were from different parts of Brazil and WOW! i didn't understand a thing!!! :D I'm grateful for the checkpoints Heavenly Father gives us... letting us know we're doing good, and letting us know how we can progress. I'm so grateful for that!
GREG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! You will be a fantastic missionary! I hope your talk went well! I hope you have fun today on your first day being a missionary! You'll love it!!!!
I'm so grateful for the power of personal revelation, a lot of things have pointed to that this week for me. Just know that you have someone who is ALWAYS there to hear your prayers and in return... HELP you! Because He knows us perfectly, and He gives us opportunities so that we can learn more about ourselves too.
Have a fantastic week!
Sis. Waite :)

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