Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Week of Awesomeness!!!- Letter #11

Bom Dia Familia e Amigos!!!!

Mission life is so incredible... wow! I love it here in Brazil! Every morning when we leave our house I say ´Bom Dia Brazil!!!!!´ its fantastic! There were some great things that happened this week! :D

Last Monday was INCREDIBLE! :D Some of my zone got together and had Charrasco! Mmmm Brazilian Barbecue! Was fantastic! AND!!! Played some futebol! :D First time in Brazil! Oh yeah! It was great! But the best part of the day was that night! We taught Carla, Raphaela, and Victoria... the teenagers we met last week... and it was great! We talked about they felt about the restoration video we showed them last time, and they all felt it was true! O yeah! Missionary work is cool! And we explained about the importance of the Holy Ghost and Baptism and guess what.... Yours truly did the inviting! AHHH!!!! It was so cool! Invited them to be baptized, and they said yes! :D It was so neat! This week was tough connecting with them but... we´ll keep trying! Its fantastic to see the potential in all three of them! Really... I learned this week, just a little glimpse, of how Heavenly Father sees us.. we all have SO much potential for our lives here on earth, and after! I love the gospel!

This week we had a Zone Conference, (first one!) and wow! FABULOUS! Elder Godoy, the General Authority and Presidente Ferrin! It was so amazing! I loved the advice and the message they both shared!

And a weeding this past saturday! of the recent converts my companions were working with! It was so fun!

Every day being out here I notice how fantastic it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... and this is HIS work... there are a lot of other churches here... everyone belives in God and Christ... but its great to ask them what they do to show their love... you can see the wheels thinking as we explain that this chruch is Christ´s church, his original! I love it so much! I am so grateful for the testimony of the Gospel! I know its true with all my heart!

I love you so much!!!!! Have a fantastic week!

Com Amor!!!!

Sister Waite! :D

p.s. THANK YOU!!!! I got mail this week!!!! :D Yahoo!
-Mom, the package was FANTASTIC! thank you thank you thank you!!!! (Congrats Mecaela and Lachoneus!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Got your invite :D)
-Thank you SO much Uncle Alan and Aunt Tammy! The card was great! Thank you for your support!
-Thanks Dad! Got your letter!
-Grandma! Got your letter too!!!! Thank you so much! I love hearing about you and Grandpa!
-Sister Hirst... you are AMAZING! thank you for your letters, they mean so much!
-Thanks for the letter Austin! Got it and will respond soon!

1, This is for Rhett! Please translate for everyone... oh man... hilarious! :D
2, How pretty is this flower!!!! :D in the distance are my companions... oh yeah! We´re missionaries!
3, WOW MOM!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the package! Yay for swedish fish! And Mickey Mouse! Thank you! I love you so much!

1, loving the flowers here! behind me is one of the neighborhoods in my area!
2, this is Joyce... she is so adorable! she is 5 and helps me learn portuguese... she was full of energy the night of the wedding!
3, Jozy and Dhones! Her hair was FABULOUS! It took the stylist 4 hours to do! Her hair is so long! She looked beautiful! So much support from the ward was there, it was great!

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