Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hola!!!!!!!-Letter #10

Oi Familia! Oi Amigos!

first thing first.... i am in the city of São Jose Dos Campos... in the baehho of morumbi! hahaha so NOW look it up on google earth. -and yes, i learned this lat night, i'm grateful for my companions... they know where they are and what they are doing... and saying! hahah

this week has been great! first pday in the field last weeks was neat... going to the supermarket and seeing an avacado the size of my head!!!! seriously... i love brazil! We have lunch everyday with an irma in the ward, its amazing to see the faith of the members here! they all come from different situations and stories... like everyone! but hearing their conversions stories just builds my faith! wow! i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission! its fantastic!

this weekend is a wedding for one of our recent converts! well.. i can't claim helping them, but I'm playing ´´only hope´´ when she walks down the aisle... haha they were legally wed the day of their baptism, then a few days later i came, and now i'm helping with the big party. haha its fantastic! their story is really neat! our investigators now are really neat as well! 3 teenagers and another 27 year old... they all are very interested and curious about the church... ah!!!! i love being a missionary! so much! 

one thing i have lerned this weeks is patience.... wow! patience is needed every single day, every situation, and in yourself! the language has been tough... its frustrating to not know anything what people are saying... i just need to have more patience... this will come... i can do this! I learned that patience is allowing heavenly father's time take place... and submitting to his will.... its fantastic!

brazil is phenomanol! please look up where i'm living... it will answer a lot of questions! you are fantastic! 

Até proxima semana!

E com muito muito muito amor!!!!

Sister Waite

p.s. photos... me and companions our last night at ctm. me and my instructor irmão costa! he is amazing!!!!! then us on the 4th of july! i will send´´older´´ photos throughought these next few weeks to catch you up! oh! thats with pres and sister degn... mtc pres! i love you!

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