Sunday, November 24, 2013

Letter #72-Book of Mormon

Hello Family!

This week was alright... had a lot of random things that happened... like President himself coming to check our houses...hahah! that was cool... we passed! :D phew! 
And another Leadership council this week in São Paulo! it was so fun! Really Spiritual and it just got all of us excited to help pump up the missionaries! So fun, especially now that Sis Abreu is my companion! its going to be a fabulous month! woot woot! I am so grateful to serve a mission, it is so much fun! 
Presidnet talked a lot about goals... and how it is important to really set HIGH goals... and then you get HIGHER results than if you just settled.
I am so grateful, every day in my prayers, I thank Heavenly Father for the oportunity I have to be a missionary! I love this work, I love this Gospel! I am so happy to be here in Brazil.... my home! :D (well... another home!) home is where the heart is!
we had an activity this week too! the very first bishop in Lorena... who is still alive! :D He makes a HUGE cake every year... thats the book of Mormon... and we had a little devotional. For everyone who read that year... and me and SIs TIllman sang at it... it was a lot of fun!  heres a pic of the cake. a salty cake! Layered with bread, chicken, vegtables, and mashed potatoes for the icing. it was really good!

I love you all so much!

Sister Waite

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