Saturday, November 2, 2013

Letter #69- Oh Mister Sun! Sun! Mister Golden Sun!

Hey Family! Hello Friends!

It is Shining down here in Lorena! Holy cow... today was really hot! but fun! we got together as a zone and played volley ball and basketball and just kinda chilled for our pday today... it was really fun! Lorena has defintitly been the hottest area that I have passed in on the mission... but it is great! love the sun! I heard that Utah as good old snow on the mountains! thats fantastic too!

So this week, was a little slow with finding people... we find them, they are everywhere... and they all want to change for the better... but only in the way THEY want and not what the Savior has asked and promissed us to be a better and BEST life to live... in His gospel. But I know that there are people here for us to find! I am excited to have this time left to serve! LIke Pres. Ferrin said in our interview this week... miracles happen EVERY day in Brazil... we have SO many stories to tell from our mission here... there really isnt a day that goes by where you litterally see HOW the Lord prepares that person, that moment for them to make the choice to accept His gospel or not... I love being a missionary!

This week we have a Sister´s Conference! its going to be fantastic! all 44 sisters in our mission! old companions! so look up for the pics next week! thats tomorrow and a big Halloween activity on Friday that we are putting together... its going to be really fun! we will get to meet a LOT of investigators... yay! The best way to do the Lord´s work is through the Spirit, and the Members... its the ONLY way to do the Lord´s work.

I love you all and hope everyone is haveing a good time! Fall is a great time of year! remember that changes come all the time! and it is a great thing! we have the chance to change EVERYweek when we take the sacrament... and EVERY day to be a little better you than yesterday... I love you all!

Have a fabulous week!

Sister Waite

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