Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter #26-The Christmas Tree That Wasn't

Boa Tarde Tudo Mundo!!!! Amo vocês! Demais! :D

Storytime! Oh I love Christmas... here it goes.

We were at the house of a recent convert... with our District Leaders. She wanted to meet ´the sisters of morumbi´ (oh yea... we´re cool. haha) Nah, so we were teaching her how to make Cookies!!!! Chocolate chip, the best! So we were waiting for them to bake and talking in the front room, when I noticed a little christmas tree in the book case... kindof toward the back... kinda hidden. `wow Irmã, I like your christmas tree, its so cute!` .... silence.... ok. maybe she didnt hear me and no one wanted to comment on how cute the tree was. So again, ´wow! Cute little christmas tree, I love it!` I noticed sis reis was giving me an eye (what are you talking about sort of look) and Elder Rios said, `what are you talking about? This?` he points to the tree. Yeah! `this is a statue Sis Waite´.... no.. no way! He pulled it out of the bookcase and sure enough, there was a face and all! Que vergonha! Its a statue of a Catholic Saint... She has a big crown on her head, and her robe is a big triangle, seriously, decorated with shiny glimmering decoration.... oh man. how embarassing... EVERYONE WAS LAUGHING so hard.... I apologized to the cute new member and through her laughs she said she needs to find someone who would want it, she doesnt need it anymore... oh man... it was REALLY funny. So now, when we walk throuh the streets Sis Reis and when we see the elders in meeting... `THIS is a christmas tree Sis Waite.` oh man... HILARIOUS!

I sure hope everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit! isnt it fabulous! I love it! Full of love and magic! Love is seriously the reason for the season, the love the Savior and Heavenly Father has for us in incredible! They love us. ALL of us... every bit of our being. I am so grateful to share the love they have as a missionary. Its the greatest feeling in the world to help people understand the love of the Savior is real... and its the REASON he was born, and the REASON he taught the gospel, and the REASON he endured and accomplished the atonement. In the Garden, on the cross, and his resurrection. His love is powerful... and is real. I am so grateful for him and the love he has for me, and for all of us! 

I love you! Transfers are tomorrow... what a great birthday gift right? its exciting, but really.... I dont want to leave Morumbi. I LOVE the people here... and Sis Reis... oh man. Wish me luck! Thank you for all of your love and support! Have a fantastic week!

Com Carinho,

Sister Waite!

p.s. Pictures! Sister Reis and me! woot woot! in our house. haha feliz natal!

Baptism! Adriano is HILARIOUS... he is really a great kid. wants to do the right thing and he wants to serve a mission! thats the power of the gospel... to see someones life change 180 degrees! He has dreams and desires now that weren~t there before... it has been amazing working with him and his family. I LOVE being a missionary!

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