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Wise Men Still Seek Him
Sister Jocelyn Waite
December 22, 2013

Music- Beautiful!
Thank You (Ward, Neighbors, Friends… Family) My mission was the greatest experience… I’m excited to share a few of the most precious from my mission with you…
Pres. Ezra Taft Benson said
 my beloved brothers and sisters, what must we do this Christmas season---and always? Why, we must do the same as the wise men of old. They sought out the Christ and found him. And so must we. Those who are wise still seek Him today.”
They. Sought. And. FOUND. Him…. (Seek and ye SHALL Find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you…) Those who are WISE still SEEK Him… and this seek is what I would like to expand on… how can we SEEK out Christ… and FIND him. I want to share the experiences from my mission to illustrate the reality of this principle. And throughout, please think of the GIFT that you would GIVE the Savior… which precious gift or talent to offer Him as you apply these principles in your lives.
Elder Joseph B. Worthlin (April 1992) “Seeking the Good”
“The word seek means to go in search of, try to discover, try to acquire. It requires an active, assertive approach to life.”  
“We can seek to be good neighbors.” 
Almeida ---Fabiola-
-Reference from a neighbor
-Jefferson, 10 yrs old. First Baptism. Smart.
-Fabiola and Evanlido, January- Married, Baptized.
-Chance to go back and see them
“We should seek to become self-reliant” 
-Camila (also a reference from a member
-Fiance passed away… was searching for answers…
-Met her. Taught her. After the first lesson that night… she received an answer.    And called us
-against her family’s wishes… she was determined
“We should seek to be happy and cheerful and not allow Satan to overcome us with discouragement, despair, or depression.”
-Adriana noticed the difference in her sisters voice when she called…
-Bruna was baptized that weekend… but for Adriana… it had to wait.. 7 months
-She had to go through this trial… to overcome discouragement, despair, or depression…
-She is seeking to be happy and cheerful today as she goes to the temple.

-Claudinei! Taught, married, baptized
-Miracles happen… 28 days
-Struggles with family but is there every Sunday! And has a good attitude
“We can seek to enter holy temples frequently to perform essential ordinances regularly for others who have preceded us.”
-3 times in the field.
“We can seek to strengthen our families and can foster peace and happiness in our homes, making them a safe haven from the cares and woes about us.”
-MiledLuzia, Nadia
-Choice to do something different… ripple effects…
-Sineide, Marco, Isabela

“We should seek without delay to preach by precept and by example to be sure everyone is willing to accept gospel truths and has the opportunity to do so. The best way to teach the gospel is to live it.”
We Seek… We Find… We Give…
A mission is like the journey of the wise men… walking in faith, determination to reach your goal, leaving your comfort zone, and finding Christ… his hand in the work, His love for you and for all mankind… and you give. Especially now, being home.. returned missionaries should GIVE of the knowledge and experiences that were given to them to help build the Kingdom of God…
A mission helps the youth of the Church practice these principles that Elder Worthlingave us… put them in practice… so that WE leave the mission more devoted disciples of Christ who are READY to give what was given to them on their missions… the qualities developed… the testimonies given

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