Friday, June 29, 2012

WEEK THREE!!!! :D Letter #3

Hello Everyone!!! Life as a Missionary is as sweet as it can be, cause I'm on week three! :) -Cheesy, yes I know! Admit it, you miss it!

Last Thursday we went to the police department to varify our visas and be 'legal' to live in Brazil... SO many people were there, all of different races! It was really neat to see! Anyway, there were other missionaries there renewing their visas (after one year) and I talked with some Sisters who are serving in Sao Paulo East right now!!! AHHHH!!!! It was great! They both are from Utah, and the neat thing was that they had a hard time speaking English!!!! They really struggled to talk in Enlgish with us... plus they had an accent. They were leaving the next week to go home, and they said that it is the best mission in the world! Of Course it is! Why would Heavenly Father send us anywhere less then the best?! ;) It just brought so much hope for me, that I CAN LEARN PORTUGUESE!!!! :D Thinking about it, I have learned A TON in the last 21 days! For real! I can pray, testify, and slowly... ever so slowly teach a lesson while I think of the words to say in Portugese. I love the work! I can see the Holy Ghost's hand in my learning the language! It's Fabulous!

I haven't told you about my district yet! We are known as the 'Relief Society' among the CTM because we have 7 Sisters and 2 Elders! They are a great bunch! We did have three elders but Elder Garn went home this week... that was really rough on the District. We were all really sad to see him go home, and we still pray for him! Elder Garn was really neat! We have a connection! He is cousins with a family friend! So we will for sure keep in contact! :D He is a great!

Our Elder Rodgregues left this week, he was the other Elder in the picture with us our first day! He was switched to the Brazilian district because he is from here, but lived in UT these past few years, then he was called back to his home, Brazil! So he has been our kind friend who will translate for us when we don't know the words at meals. He is going to be a fabulous missionary! He was the first missionary I saw!!! Spotted him on the plane as we landed into Atlanta... Go get them Elder Rodregues!

I absolutely love being a missionary! It is difficult and frustrating at times, but looking at all of the great and wonderful things that are coming from it, I am amazed! I LOVE the gospel with all my heart!

I love you all so much! Next week, I will have to share a story about a lesson we taught this week... let's just say that Satan was mentioned, both mine and one of my companions eyes popped and just looked at the other... and wow! It's a big joke now, I love it!

Unil next week! I love you!!!! XOXOOXOXOXOXO

Sister Waite
Sao Paulo East Mission!

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