Friday, June 22, 2012

Letter From Sister Waite-Letter #2

Hello All!
Week two was phenomenal! I am so happy to be a missionary! :D It is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it is SO worth the rewards from it. Wow! I absolutely love it!
My cold is GONE! Finally! I am sleeping better at night! I think I passed on my cold to my companion and another sister in the district... sorry Sisters!
For those of you wondering what CTM stands for: Centro de Treinamento Missionario. :D Missinoary Training Center! It's great! P-days are nice though, because we can go out of the CTM and walk around the city! Across the street is a DIVINE cookie shop... pretty much my favorite place to go on P-days, I'm excited to go later today! The temple here in Sao Paulo is BEAUTIFUL inside! Stained glass... oh my word. So pretty!!!! I love it! P-days are so much fun!
Super cool fireside on Sunday! President and Sis. Tanner, from the Sao Paulo North Mission came and spoke to us... and yes. It is THE Sis. Tanner! She was the old general young women's president! Ah!!! It was amazing! I got to shake her hand after... I think I squeeked when I did! She was a big rolemodel for me when | was in Young Women. Such a great person! She talked about sometimes we feel inadequate with the calling that was given to us. But! Nephi wasn't a ship builder... when the Lord asked him to build a ship, he didn't complain and say he didn't know how or that he wasn't able to... He just asked 'where can I get the ore to make tools?' I LOVE Nephi! I want to be a 'Nephi' missionary... not a Laman or Lemuel. We decided as a companionship that we would work on being Nephi missionaries! :D I love it! The other thing I really loved from her talk was her personal motto... "I Can Do Hard Things!" I LOVE THAT!!!! I love this gospel! So much!
 I miss you!!!! I love you!!!
Thank you Mom for the letter! I got it yesterday! My first mail! And Dad's too! I got two letters yesterday! I feel so loved! I love you so much!
Companions are great! We are creating lots of fun memories! I was quoting Cinderella... when Gus Gus does his cute nose thing... and Sis Johnson just looked at me funny... she hasn't seen it forever! WHAT?! I said... no excuses.... hahha its so much fun I love my companions! I love love love love love being a missionary!

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